Monday, 4 May 2015

Heinz 50% Less Sugar Beans

Okay, now I know that this isn't some brand new product innovation, but this is a new recipe and new rebranding so I feel it is worthy of a review. Regular Heinz Beans are rather healthy anyway, what with their high levels of fibre and protein. So it is interesting that they have a healthier- or less sugary version- to add to the range. This tin boats a significant 50% sugar reduction, they have replaced the sugar with a natural sweetener called stevia. 
I don't really know if I enjoyed the taste, it was a little too sweet for my liking. I think I preferred it when they didn't sweeten it at all. I ended up adding a bit of salt to them in order to counter the painfully and strangely sweet flavour of the sauce. I thought it was worth a second try, just incase I was just getting used to this new taste, but I still didn't particularly enjoy them and I regret buying eight tins... Maybe somebody in my family will eat them, or I suppose they aren't unpalatable. 
Personally, I would rather they go back to their old recipe, or I will just buy the regular beans instead. I am so disappointed in these beans! Why did they ‘improve’ upon an already delicious product?

Rating – 3/10
Vegan – Yes
Calories – 278 per tin
Buy Again – Definitely Not!

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