Monday, 18 May 2015

Freedom Vegetarian Mallows with Chocolate Dip

This is another delicious delight that I picked up from a The Vegan Tuck Box stand at the Liverpool Labl fair. Initially, I was a bit reluctant to buy it because it was quite expensive, and what if it wasn't very nice? And now I can honestly say, that the only thing I regret is not buying more! This is such a unique and clever little product, it combines the classic combination of marshmallows dipped in a chocolate fountain. A portable vegan version none the less! I enjoyed mine as part of my evening snack and it was a lovely treat to end the day with. 
The marshmallows were the typical Freedom Mallows and were delicious, they worked very well with the rich chocolate sauce that accompanied it (I still can't believe that this sauce has no dairy in it because of how indulgent it was!). There was a good ratio of chocolate to marshmallows and I only had a little bit of chocolate left over, which I happily ate with a spoon! Overall, this was a lovely treat and I really enjoyed it. I look forward to all future products, perhaps a caramel dip would be lovely or maybe a white chocolate dip?  I wish that they were more widely available though.

Rating – 9/10
Vegan – Yes
Calories – 212
Buy Again – Yes!

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