Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Trek Banana Blast

As you have probably worked out from my reviews, I am a bit of a sucker for raw food bars. This is probably because as a vegan, or a sufferer of a lactose intolerance,  many biscuits and cakes become off limits to you so you have to get your sweet fix from somewhere else. Trek a branch off from the well known Nak’d brand,  are probably one of the most prevalent companies to offer these types of products. Today I am going to review the Banana Blast flavour that was so kindly sent to me by the people of Trek.
It has a subtle banana flavour to it that worked well with the nuttier base flavour of the bar. It was very filling and a very substantial treat, perfect as a snack for anyone on the go or in need of a power boost in the afternoon to keep themselves going! I did really enjoy this bar but maybe the banana flavour could have been a tad stronger, but then again, that may be difficult to achieve without artificial flavourings. I think I would rather have a natural bar that has no additives and has a subtler flavour rather than an obnoxiously strong banana taste and be full of strange chemicals!

Rating – 8/10
Vegan – Yes
Calories – 170
Buy Again - Yes

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