Thursday, 12 March 2015

Portlebay Sweet Popcorn Varieties

I had been desperately trying to locate the sweet varieties of Portlebay popcorn, but alas, I had little success. So with a little help from the kind people at Portlebay, I received a lovely delivery courtesy of them! Their flavours are wonderfully unique, never have I ever heard of a berry popcorn or lemon sherbet popcorn but here they are and I was so excited to try them!

I shall start with the cinnamon because, well, that was the first flavour that I tried! There is no better way to describe this other than I loved it! It was absolutely divine, the flavour was subtle but pleasantly sweet. The popcorn itself was light, fluffy, well coated and had absolutely no unpopped kernels! What more can I say?! They were delicious.
Rating - 9/10

The lemon sherbet is incredible. Just wow. There is a good lemony flavour with a slight sour tang that you would expect from lemon sherbet, but the sweetness of the popcorn is the predominant flavour. It was a lovely refreshing snack that I absolutely loved! Such a unique concept that was executed brilliantly.
Rating - 9.5/10

The Very Berry flavour was equally as delicious! It was lovely and natural flavoured with a good amount of tang that added a bit of an edge to the flavour. It was very enjoyable and filling! Another win by Portlebay Popcorn in my opinion!

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