Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Graze Box 4

Bonnie Wee Oatbakes
This consists of a classic combination of cheese and chive oatcakes paired with a sweet red onion marmalade. The oatcakes have a really nice smoky flavour to them with a lovely crumbly texture, they were a great size to dip into the sweet onion marmalade which I absolutely loved!
Rating - 8/10

Lemon Curd Flapjack
These are simply magical. They are oaty goodness with a refreshingly lemon flavour to it, subtle and sweet with a creamy yogurt topping. The flapjack itself was moist and it held together very well, something which many flapjacks lack, they tend to crumble apart and go everywhere but these certainly don't! They are just divine.
Rating - 9.5/10

The florentine was deconstructed in fabulous Graze style, with a good amount of high quality dark chocolate and a variety of dried fruit and seed. I enjoyed this combination and I think it is a clever alternative to the typical florentine.

Beach Bum
This was a lovely combination of dried tropical fruit. There was the chewy banana and pineapple with the crunchy shredded coconut. They worked together very well to create an overall enjoyable taste experience. I am a big fan of these flavours separately and even more so when they are combined all together. I can imagine that this would be delicious on top of yogurt!
Rating - 8/10

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