Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Alpro Almond Yogurt

I have recently gone dairy free due to quite a severe lactose intolerance so I am trying to find some delicious dairy alternatives, it was almost as if by fate I would come across this brand new flavour of Alpro yogurt! Okay, so that may be a bit of an exaggeration but I am going to go with it. 
It is really creamy, has a good consistency and tastes a lot better than regular natural yogurt. It has a lovely sweetness with a slight almond taste and I just love it! It worked perfectly with some dried fruit sprinkled on top. It has a peculiar flavour to it but I really enjoyed it, it was unique and quite different but a good different! 
I can't wait to try the coconut variety next, hopefully it will be in my local shops soon!

Rating - 8.75/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 52 per 100g
Buy Again - Yes! 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Graze Box 5

Eleanor's Apple Crumble
This is perhaps the most delicious thing I have had from Graze, it was incredible. I loved the cinnamon and honey almonds because they were sweet and crunchy with a lovely nutty flavour, the raisins were soft and juicy, as was the dried and chewy apple. Overall it was divine!

Chocolate Pretzel
This is really nice, I like how they have deconstructed it so that you can dip into the rich and indulgent chocolate sauce. The pretzels are tasty with a good crunch to them, their savoury flavour contrasts nicely with the sweetness of the chocolate. Overall a good snack!

Dark Rocky Road Granola Topper 
This was a lovely treat to add to my morning breakfast. It had a good oaty crunch that has strong cocoa tones. The little cubes of fudgy chocolate were also very nice and I think that their sweetness made a nice contrast to the tart and slightly sour chunks of dried cherry!

Black Pepper Twist Popcorn
I really enjoyed this popcorn, it is a novelty to gave warm, freshly popped popcorn. Especially when it is so delicious, the black pepper added an interesting twist to the usual salt flavour. It added a bit of heat without being overwhelming. 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Cadburys Mini Eggs

Mini Eggs are an essential part of the British Easter. They are iconic and realistically, what is Easter without them? May they be on their own or on top of chocolate cornflake cakes, they are a fun snack to enjoy at this time of year. 
I have decided to review them because I haven't eaten them in over ten years, which thinking about it now, is an absolute atrocity! I do realise that they have been around for many years but I feel it is fitting that I write a review about such an iconic product.
They are chocolate shaped eggs coated in a sugar shell, the sugar shells are in lovely pastel colours and are nice and crisp. The chocolate is the fabulous and famous Cadburys chocolate - albeit not Dairy Milk but lovely nonetheless - they melted well, with a good and creamy consistency.
Overall, they are a great treat made all the better by their limited edition quality!

Rating - 8.5/10
Vegan - No
Calories - 205
Buy Again - Yes!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Malteaster Bunny

Easter is always a fun time of year. It's filled with chocolate,sweets and lots of nice food, so it is unsurprising that many companies try and take advantage of this by either rebranding their products or releasing entirely new ones.
 Today I am reviewing the Mars Easter Bunny. It a delicious chocolatey shaped bunny filled with a tasty malt biscuit and 
It is coated in the classic Mars chocolate which actually tastes a lot better than I remember it, with a good creamy consistency that melts very well, with a good hit of cocoa. 
I really liked this novelty product, it is a good variation on the classic Maltesers and I enjoyed it.

Rating - 7/10
Vegan - No
Calories - 156
Buy Again - Yes

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Mint Chocolate Mentos

Mentos are typically a sweet mint that is chewy in the centre with a crunchy mint coating. So perhaps it was only a matter of time before they began expanding their range and appeal to chocolate lovers. This is very similar to a chocolate eclair sweet with a chewy caramel that is filled with a melty chocolatey middle, this variation however has a mint centre rather than the usual plain chocolate middle. I rather enjoyed this twist on the classic and it worked really well. The caramel was nice with a good buttery smoothness and the chocolate was of a decent quality. Overall, they were a nice treat but did leave your jaw feeling a little sore after eating a whole tube but maybe that was me being greedy and not sharing !

Rating - 7/10
Calories - 154 per Tube
Vegan - No
Buy Again - Maybe

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Blue Diamond Chocolate Almond Milk

I don't tend to drink dairy milk because I really don't enjoy the taste or smell so my non dairy milk of choice is almond milk. I enjoy the nutty flavour that is subtle yet enjoyable when paired with porridge oats or muesli, but this isn't a review about plain almond milk, it is about the chocolate variety! 
I didn't really know what to expect when I tried this drink, was it going to be only slightly chocolatey or was it going to be a bitter flavour? Much to my relief it was sweet and creamy, it actually tasted quite a lot like regular chocolate milk if I'm honest. Or at least what I remember of chocolate milk, a frequent drinker of it would probably beg to differ but oh well.
I enjoyed mine frozen like an ice lolly and it was lovely, very refreshing and provided a healthy hit of chocolate that left you feeling satisfied and without a craving.
The calories although higher than regular almond milk, are still significantly less than that of a dairy milk variety. 
Overall it was a pleasant drink that is relatively low in calories, it works perfectly when frozen and I can imagine that it would be a delicious addition to banana smoothies! 

Rating - 8/10
Vegan - Yes
Buy Again - Yes
Calories - 97 per 200ml

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Portlebay Sweet Popcorn Varieties

I had been desperately trying to locate the sweet varieties of Portlebay popcorn, but alas, I had little success. So with a little help from the kind people at Portlebay, I received a lovely delivery courtesy of them! Their flavours are wonderfully unique, never have I ever heard of a berry popcorn or lemon sherbet popcorn but here they are and I was so excited to try them!

I shall start with the cinnamon because, well, that was the first flavour that I tried! There is no better way to describe this other than I loved it! It was absolutely divine, the flavour was subtle but pleasantly sweet. The popcorn itself was light, fluffy, well coated and had absolutely no unpopped kernels! What more can I say?! They were delicious.
Rating - 9/10

The lemon sherbet is incredible. Just wow. There is a good lemony flavour with a slight sour tang that you would expect from lemon sherbet, but the sweetness of the popcorn is the predominant flavour. It was a lovely refreshing snack that I absolutely loved! Such a unique concept that was executed brilliantly.
Rating - 9.5/10

The Very Berry flavour was equally as delicious! It was lovely and natural flavoured with a good amount of tang that added a bit of an edge to the flavour. It was very enjoyable and filling! Another win by Portlebay Popcorn in my opinion!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Graze Box 4

Bonnie Wee Oatbakes
This consists of a classic combination of cheese and chive oatcakes paired with a sweet red onion marmalade. The oatcakes have a really nice smoky flavour to them with a lovely crumbly texture, they were a great size to dip into the sweet onion marmalade which I absolutely loved!
Rating - 8/10

Lemon Curd Flapjack
These are simply magical. They are oaty goodness with a refreshingly lemon flavour to it, subtle and sweet with a creamy yogurt topping. The flapjack itself was moist and it held together very well, something which many flapjacks lack, they tend to crumble apart and go everywhere but these certainly don't! They are just divine.
Rating - 9.5/10

The florentine was deconstructed in fabulous Graze style, with a good amount of high quality dark chocolate and a variety of dried fruit and seed. I enjoyed this combination and I think it is a clever alternative to the typical florentine.

Beach Bum
This was a lovely combination of dried tropical fruit. There was the chewy banana and pineapple with the crunchy shredded coconut. They worked together very well to create an overall enjoyable taste experience. I am a big fan of these flavours separately and even more so when they are combined all together. I can imagine that this would be delicious on top of yogurt!
Rating - 8/10

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Strawberry Weetabix

I have a certain fondness for Weetabix, they are such a tasty and versatile breakfast, packed with goodness and filling fibre to keep you going until lunch. I am a bit boring because I like mine with hot water but I do really enjoy them like this so no judging! When I was younger I enjoyed them with lashings of milk and plenty of sugar, not quite as nutritious but who cares when it tastes that good!
Now, Weetabix have recently brought out a new strawberry variety in aid of Comic Relief and they are actually really nice! They reminded me of strawberry laces, they smelt quite artificial but they tasted really nice, with a good level of sweetness that worked well against the classic flavour of Weetabix. Overall, I really enjoyed these and the only thing that would make them better would be perhaps having little chunks of freeze dried strawberries in it!

Rating - 8/10
Vegan - I think so
Calories - 152 per Two Biscuits
Buy Again? - Yes!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Nestle Smarties

Smarties have only become vegetarian in the last few years, so I thought it was quite fitting that I write a review on them seeing as I only recently found this out! Smarties are such a fun chocolate that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. For those that don't know, Smarties are little buttons of chocolate coated in a crunchy sugar shell. I personally think that each of the shells have a slightly different flavour to them, but maybe I am imagining this...
I really enjoyed these Smarties, they actually tasted a lot better than I remembered, I wonder if they changed the chocolate recipe because it tastes creamier and much nicer than the last time I ate them, but perhaps that is because it has been so many years since I last enjoyed a tube? But basically I loved these, they were delicious and chocolatey and I can't wait to have my next pack!

Rating - 8.75/10
Vegan - No
Buy Again - Certainly!
Calories - 176 a Tube

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