Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Kitkat Toffee Treat

I am a big fan of KitKats, and I am always excited when they bring out a new or limited edition flavour, but I always find myself envious of all the weird and wonderful varieties that they have on offer in Japan! I mean, they have ones that you can bake! How magical does that sound! So the British varieties always seem to be a tad dull in comparison... That certainly doesn't mean that I don't enjoy the British flavours, in fact I really enjoy them.
Now onto the review, the "Toffee Treat" flavour is a bar of two crispy wafer fingers covered with a blend of toffee flavour white, milk and dark chocolates. It actually reminded me a bit of the Caramac version they brought out a few years ago, which was a nice blast from the past! I really enjoyed this bar, it gives you a nice chocolate hit without the calories of a typical chocolate bar. It was a good size, with creamy chocolate that contrasted well against the crispy wafer in the middle.

Rating - 8/10
Calories - 108
Vegan - No
Buy Again - Yes!

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