Sunday, 1 February 2015

Coco Pops Porridge

Cocopops porridge, a fantastic concept in theory but does it really translate into real life? Unfortunately not... Instead you are left with a generic and somewhat chocolatey mess in your bowl. The consistency is just awful, it isn't quite porridge, far too thin to be porridge in my opinion. It sort of resembles a thick-ish soup but even that is pushing it tbh...
As you can guess I really didn't enjoy this porridge, it was obviously done just to appeal to children and maybe adults feeling whimsical or nostalgic. It just had very little substance to if, it wasn't particularly filling (although I will let that slide as it is aimed at children who typically have smaller appetites than I do) and it didn't really taste anything like Cocopops, well I suppose that there was the vaguely chocolatey taste 
I am deeply disappointed in this and as a result it won't be replacing my regular stove top porridge oats that I love and can depend upon! (I am such a drama queen) 

Rating - 3/10
Vegan - No
Buy Again - NO!!!
Calories - 107 per Sachet

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