Sunday, 18 January 2015

Graze Box 1

This week I received my Graze box and I was absolutely thrilled with it. A brilliant variety of items that I couldn't wait to tuck into! And I ended up eating two within the first hour of it arriving... But thankfully it was all guilt free and healthy so more for me hehe!

Graze Brownie 
Wow, just wow. This is utterly divine and stodgy with a lovely chocolatey taste that leaves all cravings satisfied. I really enjoyed the little pieces of nuts that were scattered on the top. They added a lovely texture to it!
Rating 9/10

Banana Cake
Again, lovely. It was moist and sticky and a good serving size, especially when it is less than 60 calories! It didn't even taste like a low calorie cake which was amazing, I was very impressed to say the least
Rating -8/10

Peanut Butter and Pretzel Sticks
I feel like I am being too generous with these reviews but I honestly can't say how thrilled I am with my box. The pretzel sticks were crispy, salty and had a nice crunch that you would expect from a good quality pretzel. This worked very well with the creamy peanut butter. It was so thick and natural tasting and basically I loved it. It wasn't sweet as you would be used to from more commercial brands like Sunpat or Reeses, but instead it had a much more subtle and natural flavour.
Rating - 9/10

Herby Bread Basket
 As expected, it was delicious. Although I wouldn't recommend eating it when you are with people because I couldn't get the smell of garlic off my hands for several hours afterwards! But in saying that I would definitely still eat it because it was really tasty and flavoursome. I bet that these would work wonderfully with a really thick and rustic tomato and basil soup.
Rating - 7/10

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