Friday, 19 September 2014

KitKat Chunky Double Caramel

I don't think that there have been any new innovative chocolate bars out for a while from the British Nestlé team which I think is a bit sad because chocolate makes everything better in my opinion... 
I had been going on about this bar to basically anyone that would listen to me, telling them just how excited I am to try a brand new KitKat bar, especially a chunky variety. 
This bar has two different types of caramel in it and is thus called the double caramel KitKat Chunky. One side is crunchy caramel which is simply divine and the other is the soft and gooey caramel that we all know and love (which is also lovely working well as a contrast to its crunchy counterpart).
It is coated in the typical tasty Nestlé chocolate which I thoroughly enjoyed as it was sweet, creamy and melted very nicely in my mouth.
Overall I enjoyed this bar and have since bought several more to eat as my night time snack. I would strongly recommend this to all caramel livers because it offers an alternative to the more traditional caramel.

Rating - 9/10
Buy Again - Already Have!
Calories - 218 per Bar
Vegan - No

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