Friday, 12 September 2014

Coke Life

I gave in and decided to try the new Coke Life. Personally I am a fan of Pepsi Max but I do quite like Coke Zero if it is freezing cold straight from the fridge but these both have aspartame in which isn't really that healthy. It may have nearly no calories but it is associated with a number of different health problems like migraines, rashes, nausea etc.
So I thought that I should give this seemingly healthier and more natural drink a go. It is flavoured with the natural sweetener stevia which seems to be the latest food craze. 
Okay, now onto the actual review. The flavour itself is familiar and has the classic components of regular coke, it was sweet, fizzy, and almost caramel in flavour. You can't really tell the difference until the aftertaste which is a tad odd but doesn't detract from the overall pleasant flavour of it.
Personally I still prefer Pepsi Max as it has less than five calories whereas Coke. Life has 89 calories which excludes it from the diet drink category but if you aren't bothered about diet drinks and care more about General health then this is the drink for you!

Rating - 8/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 89 per Can
Buy Again - Probably Not

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