Friday, 22 August 2014

Fox's Party Rings

It is always a lovely surprise when a childhood favourite becomes vegetarian. I am talking about the delicious and iconic Party Rings! The colourful doughnut shaped treats glazed in a delicious sugary icing. The biscuit base was buttery and crumbly just as I remember it and I couldn't help but grin as I started munching on them filled with childhood nostalgia. The icing looked pretty and tasted slightly fruity and sweet which worked well against the biscuit.
Overall I have to say I really enjoyed my little bag of Party Rings as they tasted fabulous and brought back floods of childhood memories, and I can't wait to try all of the other wild and wacky new flavours they have brought out!

Rating - 8/10
Calories - 112 a Bag
Vegan - Yes
Buy Again - Yes!

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