Friday, 4 July 2014

New Heinz Beans Meals

Beans are a staple part of my diet so whenever there is a new product out that involves beans I get a little excited (strange I know). So I was thrilled when I spotted these in my local Asda. Now they were a tad expensive in comparison to regular beans but this is probably to be expected as they are new and seem to be intended as a meal rather than just to go on your jacket potato or with your cottage pie.

Goodness me these are spicy! Delicious and full of flavour but incredibly hot so they are definitely not for those with a delicate palate. Normally I am not a big fan of spicy food but these are an exception as they manage to be flavoursome, with rich tomatoey tones in the sauce that help to mellow out the otherwise overwhelming heat.

Now the Chilli flavour was a lot milder in terms of heat and had a variety of different veg in it like sweet corn, kidney beans, peppers etc so it was very filling. It did taste a bit generic and like most vegetable chillies but that isn't a bad thing because it was still very tasty and packed with flavour.

Rating - 7/10
Buy Again - Maybe
Vegan - Yes
Calories - Around 157 per half a can 

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