Friday, 25 July 2014

CoYo Raw Chocolate Yogurt

I think that the market for vegan yogurts is expanding here in the UK and all I can say to that is About Time! It is a nuisance to find delicious tasting dairy free yogurts. I am making an effort to try as many different types as possible so that I don't get too bored with what I'm eating (a rut that I often find myself in).

CoYo yogurts as you will have guessed are made me coconut milk and they are unbelievably thick, thicker than Greek yogurt and I love this about them, I was really worried that they would be watery, but no, they are incredibly thick and creamy. I tried the cocoa flavour and initially I wasn't too impressed with it because it wasn't very sweet and was actually a little bitter, but as I continued eating it it started tasting better and better. It worked incredibly well when I dipped banana  chips into it! 
If you are expecting it to taste like a bar of dairy milk then you will be disappointed as it is unsweetened cocoa powder that is used rather than actual milk chocolate as you would expect from a Cadburys Pot of Joy. 

Rating - 7.5/10
Calories - 155 per 100g
Buy Again - I think so
Vegan - Yes!

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