Saturday, 28 June 2014

Special K Caramel Biscuit Moments

I am a big fan of Special K products because as a General rule they are really tasty, full of flavour and quite low in calories. I particularly enjoy the biscuit moment range because they are a bit like Poptarts (something which I really miss as they real Poptarts aren't veggie friendly) anyway, the caramel ones are absolutely delicious! They are buttery, sweet and actually taste of caramel! I know that sounds like a daft thing to say but with diet products sometimes the flavours can be a bit hit and miss, by not living up to their name, instead tasting artificial.
Coming in at less than 100 calories they are perfect for the diet conscious but because of their fabulous flavour they are also perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!

Rating - 8.5/10
Buy Again - Yes!
Calories - 96
Vegan - No

1 comment:

  1. Wow what a great find! I'll have to look out for these, they sound so good!


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