Friday, 20 June 2014

Metcalfes Chilli Tweet Corners

I absolutely adore the Metcalfes range, the products are healthy yet full of flavour and make a perfect snack in replacement of the typical crisps so when I saw these in Boots I quickly stocked up on them before they were gone. I picked up the sweet chilli flavour because I have a bit of an aversion to cheese and anything cheese flavoured.
Anyway, moving on to the actual review, upon opening the packet I was greeted by a lovely heated chilli flavour, and I couldn't wait to actually try them. The base flavour is quite tomatoey which I really enjoyed and worked brilliantly with the chilli to help tone them down so as to not burn your mouth off! The texture was a little odd at first but I personally preferred this to the more traditional nacho style crisps. Not incredibly crunchy but still very good.
Overall I enjoyed these and would have them again as they are a healthier and in my opinion tastier version of Doritos 

Rating - 8/10
Buy Again - Yes
Calories - 130
Vegan - I don't know, ingredients wise it is but on the website it says that there may be traces of milk. 

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