Saturday, 14 June 2014

Innocent Pearl Barley & Veg Pot

Sometimes I think that lunch can get a little dull and monotonous so sometimes I like to treat myself when the Innocent pots are on offer and pick up a few. I decided I deserved a treat as I have just finished my exams, plus there has recently been an expansion to the range. 

Today I tried the Pearl Barley & Veg flavour. The sauce was quite creamy with a nice kick of black pepper to truly add a bit of flavour, without this pepper I think it would be a little bland. 
The veg in it was lovely, soft and fresh adding a lovely stew like texture, which worked perfectly with the slightly chewy and crunchy texture that is typical of pearl barley (and ingredient which is underused in my opinion! Especially in vegetarian food) 
This meal left me feeling full for about six hours with only a little snack in between. But I didn't feel bloated, I had worried that it would be quite heavy on my stomach as it was potato based but that wasn't the case at all much to my relief!

Rating - 8/10
Buy Again - Yes!
Calories - 289
Vegan - No

(I apologise for the lack of pictures but Google + is currently not working for me so I shall link a picture for you instead) 

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