Saturday, 24 May 2014

Banana Sugar Puffs

Banana seems to be the flavour at the moment what with the Weetabix, Cadburys Marvellous Creations Bar, the Banoffee Muller Corner etc so when I saw one of my favourite cereals with a new banana variety I picked up a pack without hesitation. 
I was relatively impressed with these Banana Sugar Puffs, they tasted a little artificial but that may because I ate them dry without milk,my brother had them with milk as intended and agreed that the flavour was more natural and muted with the addition of milk.
I found them to be rather enjoyable on the whole but I still would choose the originals over this in future but it was definitely worth a try!

Rating - 7/10
Calories - 117 per 30g
Vegan - No
Buy Again - Maybe

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