Friday, 18 April 2014

Portlebay Popcorn

You must be getting fed up of me what with all the popcorn reviews but I promise that this will be the last for a while and I am going out with a bang because, oh my goodness these Portlebay flavours are delicious! 
They are all excellent quality with fresh, soft pieces and no unpopped corn kernels (something which irritates me to no end!). I honestly can't find much to fault this delicious tasting popcorn on because it is just so good! I think that my favourite flavour had to be the Wasabi and Sweet Ginger which surprised me, I normally stay away from wasabi as it is too spicy and hurts my nose to eat them but the ginger worked incredibly well and toned the wasabi down! And as a result I absolutely loved it!
Overall they are a good quality popcorn with unique and delicious flavours that have left me excited for all future offerings from Portlebay!
The kind people at Portlebay did send me these but as always I gave an honest review

Rating - 9/10
Calories - 461 per 100g
Buy Again - Yes!

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