Friday, 21 March 2014

Honey Danio Yogurt

Greek or strained yogurt as it is often known has to be my all time favourite because of how thick, creamy and filling it is. Packed with protein and calcium you just know it is good for you!
So when I found out about the expansion of the Danio range, I jumped at the chance to try the newest flavours that they had on offer.
The yogurt itself is quite tart as it is 0% fat but I quite like the flavour, it is the honey that I have a bit of a problem with because it was quite runny and I just didn't enjoy the flavour. Perhaps it is because I usually eat acacia honey and I am used to that flavour but either way I didn't really enjoy it. Or at least not enough to have it again.

Calories - 123
Buy Again - Probably Not
Rating - 6/10
Vegan - No

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