Sunday, 16 March 2014

Braw Raw Food Bars

So I received this lovely package from the kind people at Braw. Braw are a company that make vegan raw food bars, a bit like Nak'd bars if I were to compare them to anything.

And I can honestly say that they were absolutely delicious! So fruity and natural tasting, obviously due to all of the ingredients being totally natural. There was a lovely oaty flavour that was present in all of the bars. My favourite had to be the apple and pear, it was so morit would have been a lovely pudding with the addition of custard! 

The black current flavour reminded me of Ribena with its sweet yet slightly tartness (which worked perfectly in my opinion). 
The cocoa orange flavour was also lovely, and so was the strawberry. 

Calories - 111 per Bar
Buy Again - Yes!!!
Vegan - Yes
Rating - 9.5/10

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