Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Ben & Jerry's Vanilla Honey Caramel Greek Style Frozen Yogurt

I have finally gotten around to trying the Vanilla Honey Caramel flavour of the new Ben & Jerry's Greek Style FroYo and goodness me I am glad. It is simply divine! I personally cannot tell the difference between this and regular ice cream, it is creamy, sweet, and just delicious. I absolutely love it. Although it is lower in calories to most other regular ice creams it is still rather high for FroYo but if I'm honest it is so worth it because unlike other FroYo it actually is creamy with a good melt, not icy at all - something which always puts me off.
Overall it is delicious and is actually better and creamier than some regular non reduced fat ice cream which is pretty darn impressive

Rating - 9.5/10
Vegan - No
Calories - 220 per 150ml 
Buy Again - YES!!!

1 comment:

  1. Wasn't sure whether to try this or not but it sounds so good! Great review :)


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