Friday, 14 February 2014

Limited Edition Banoffee Muller Corner

Yet again I am here trying the latest offering from Muller and for a change it isn't half bad. The Banoffee Pie Muller Corner is rather pleasant, not a taste sensation or revolutionary but with a nice creamy banana yogurt (that tastes a lot like the yogurt that they use in their banana and chocolate hoops flavour) that works very well with the white chocolate coated biscuit balls (which also tasted a lot like the chocolate hoops despite it being white and not milk chocolate). Come to think of it, it tasted an awful lot like that flavour, hmmm perhaps a bit of a sneaky switch up but pretty much the same flavour but in a slightly different form.
Overall it is nice enough yogurt, better than most of the other muller corners that I have reviewed before but nothing exceptional, probably not even worth a try if I am honest.

Rating - 6/10
Calories - 103
Buy Again - Doubt it
Vegan - No

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