Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Ben & Jerry's Greek Style Strawberry Ice Cream

It is always a pleasure to see the latest flavours of Ben & Jerry's on offer so you can imagine my delight when I saw that there are actually four out! Three Greek Style and one Core flavour, I shall be reviewing them all over the coming week or two so keep watching!
I decided to try the Strawberry Shortcake Greek style, and I can say that it was absolutely delicious! It was creamy with chunks of strawberry in and massive pieces of shortbread which had the perfect texture, it hadn't gone soft with the ice cream as I initially feared but had retained a satisfying crunch that worked very well with the sweet and soft ice cream
The base flavour was lovely, as a vegetarian I think it is quite hard to find strawberry flavoured products because they often use carmines to colour it, so I am thrilled that I can have this tasty delight!
Also, another little bonus is that it is about 100 fewer calories than the regular Ben & Jerry's ice cream 150ml tubs so I can indulge with none of the guilt!

Rating - 9.5/10
Buy Again - Yes!!!
Calories - 220 Per Mini Tub
Vegan - No

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

New Cadburys Lu Biscuit

Cadburys seem to be on a roll bringing out new products and I am absolutely thrilled because this is quite a unique product for the UK (although I am aware that there is a Milka equivalent, but we won't dwell on that too much now).
The packaging is rather nice, simple but very appealing with the classic Cadburys look about it.
Upon opening the new Cadburys Dairy Milk and Lu biscuit bar and I was greeted by the delicious and comforting smell that we all know and love of Cadburys. 
I couldn't wait to taste this new creation. The flavour was very sweet but still enjoyable because of its size I presume. It isn't too much so that it is sickly but enough to satisfy a chocolate craving, perfect with a cup of tea as an afternoon snack.
I rather enjoyed this bar and would strongly recommend you all to try it yourself, I am looking forward to trying the Ritz one because I am a lover of the sweet & salty flavour combination

Rating - 9/10
Calories - 180
Buy Again - Certainly!
Vegan - No

Friday, 14 February 2014

Limited Edition Banoffee Muller Corner

Yet again I am here trying the latest offering from Muller and for a change it isn't half bad. The Banoffee Pie Muller Corner is rather pleasant, not a taste sensation or revolutionary but with a nice creamy banana yogurt (that tastes a lot like the yogurt that they use in their banana and chocolate hoops flavour) that works very well with the white chocolate coated biscuit balls (which also tasted a lot like the chocolate hoops despite it being white and not milk chocolate). Come to think of it, it tasted an awful lot like that flavour, hmmm perhaps a bit of a sneaky switch up but pretty much the same flavour but in a slightly different form.
Overall it is nice enough yogurt, better than most of the other muller corners that I have reviewed before but nothing exceptional, probably not even worth a try if I am honest.

Rating - 6/10
Calories - 103
Buy Again - Doubt it
Vegan - No

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