Friday, 19 December 2014

Golden Oreos

I love American food, it is not just the taste of it but I think that it also has something to do with the allure of novelty products that we can't get here in the UK regularly. 
These Golden Oreos are absolutely delicious, they were the traditional structure of an Oreo, just with a golden biscuit rather than the usual chocolate one. 
The flavour was lovely and pleasantly sweet, they reminded me of custard creams actually so they also had the nostalgia factor (which I must admit was a tad strange as it was a product from a faraway land!)
Overall I really enjoyed these Oreos, I just wish that we had more varieties here in the UK, because I would love to try the mint or peanut butter flavours!

Rating - 9/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 250
Buy Again - Yes!

Friday, 12 December 2014

The Primal Kitchen Bars

The Primal Kitchen, the name alone makes me smile because it is so funny to picture a cave person cookies in some big industrial kitchen, and when paired with the simple yet effective packaging! I found these in my local Superdrug on offer for only a pound so I couldn't resist picking up one in every flavour to sample! I know they are supposed to be energy bar things but seeing as I do basically no physical activity I decided that I would have them of an evening with a cup of green tea. 
I really enjoyed these bars, the flavours were naturally sweet with a slightly softer texture than Nak'd bars but still very nice none the less. The coconut one was probably my favourite of all the flavours but that is probably because I love coconut (as you have probably noticed from my many coconut based reviews)

Rating - 8.75/10
Buy Again - Yes
Vegan - Yes
Calories - Around 200 per Bar

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Slim Fruits Sweets

This week I received a lovely package in the mail from the kind people at 'Slim Fruits', with a selection of their products. 

Slim Fruits, they’re sugar-free, fat-free and packed with fibre so they fill you up, not out.

Slim Fruits’ best selling sweets are the world’s first product to harness the beneficial properties of soluble fibre.  Once eaten, they combine with water in the stomach and swell which helps to suppress in between meal hunger pangs and leaves your sweet-treat craving well and truly satisfied in a healthy way. 

The pastilles come in two flavours; Luscious Peach Melba and Luscious Rhubarb & Strawberry. At only two calories a pop and packed with the same fibre content as six slices of wholemeal bread - minus the carbohydrates and fat - Slim Fruits has created the dieting Holy Grail: sweets that help rather than hinder slimming.

So I was intrigued to try these sweets, initially I was concerned that they would taste quite artificial but thankfully that was not the case at all! They were natural in flavour and pleasantly sweet. The rhubarb flavour was definitely my favourite and they actually reminded me of rhubarb and custard which was rather enjoyable.
Overall I enjoyed these sweets and found them to actually be quite filling much to my surprise! 

Rating - 8/10
Vegan - No
Calories - 2 per sweet
Buy Again - Yes

Friday, 28 November 2014

Nudie Coconut Chips

Coconut is such a delicious flavour and there is nothing better than getting a whole coconut, cracking it open and eating the flesh whilst it is still fresh with the coconut juice on it. Coconut is often thought of as a bit of a superfood because all of the nutrients and good fats in it that supposedly speed up your metabolism (how true this is I don't know but we can live in hope).
So anyway, when I went to the free from and allergy food convention a few weeks ago I bought a few bags of these 'Nudie' coconut chips and they were absolutely delicious! They were sweet and slightly salted which just amplified the sweetness. They weren't oily or greasy at all which was lovely, basically I loved them and I can't wait to get more bags! Where from I am not entirely sure but I will make it my mission to find even more!

Rating - 8.5/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 180 per Bag
Buy Again - Yes!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Beyond Dark Chocolate

I absolutely love chocolate, in any way, shape or form so when I found out that I have a problem with lactose I was devastated that I would no longer be able to enjoy it. Thankfully though, my favourite type of chocolate (dark) is free of dairy, but sometimes it can get a tad boring having just regular dark chocolate so when I spotted these yummy varieties of it. Chocolate Orange and the unusual Chocolate Raspberry! 
Both were incredible, just wow. I loved the rich and so indulgent, the perfect serving size that leaves you feeling satisfied and happy. I look forward to any future additions to the range seeing as there is a lack of single serving dark chocolate products on the market!

Rating - 9.5/10
Buy Again - Already Have...
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 180-190

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Cocofina Bars

The CocoFina as you will have guessed from the name specialises in coconut based products, ranging from the increasingly popular coconut water to the staple raw food bars. From what I have tried from the range I can quite happily say that it is all absolutely delicious!
The bars consisted of coconut (obviously), dates, and cocoa and goodness me this is a match made in heaven! The bars are moist and sweet with enough texture and subsistence to leave you satisfied. I ate the bars as a snack inbetween meals and initially I was a tad worried that I would still be hungry but boy was I wrong! The fibre filled, healthy ingredients worked brilliantly not only as a taste sensation but as a good source of energy too!
Overall I really enjoyed these bars because they were absolutely delicious yet incredibly healthy using only natural, vegan ingredients.

Rating - 8.75/10
Buy Again - Yes!
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 143 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Kind Bars

These Kind bars are simply delicious, they are chewy and sticky yet have a good crunch to them thanks to the plethora of nuts in it. The flavour was natural and subtly sweet so as to not seem artificial or sickly. There are only natural ingredients in it and they are sweetened with honey. The fruity flavour shines through wonderfully and adds a freshness to them that you just can't beat! They are a great source of energy because of all the nuts and fruit in them and leave you feeling nothing less than satisfied after munching on one! They are typically £2.00 a bar which I must admit is quite expensive but I think that they are imported from America originally.

Rating - 8.5/10
Vegan - No
Calories - 208
Buy Again - Yes!

Friday, 24 October 2014

Nak'd Cherry Bakewell Bar

The Nak'd brand are on a roll at the moment with their delicious new bars that they have recently brought out, what with their Christmas Pud bar that I reviewed a few weeks ago. I really enjoy Bakewell tarts with their tasty pastry cases and yummy almondy frangipani filling, topped off with a devilishly sweet glace cherry so as you can imagine I was excited when I heard of a cherry bakewell bar. 
I made it my mission to find this bar, scouring Asda, Tesco, and Sainsbury for this elusive bar because I knew that I just had to get my hands on it to try! The flavour was incredible, it seriously tasted of a cherry bakewell it was amazing! It was sweet and almondy with a tasty hint of cherry that just perfected the whole experience. 

Rating - 9.5/10
Vegan - Yes
Buy Again - Already Have!
Calories - 

Friday, 17 October 2014

Toffee Apple Soreen

Halloween treats and Christmas treats are always a delight to sample what with the abundance of comforting flavours that we all know and love and often with an unusual twist.

So today i am going to review the new Toffee Apple Soreen and basically it is delicious. It had the classic squishy texture that you would associate with Soreen but with a delightful toffee twist that worked very well with the apple. I couldn't help but think that this would be absolutely perfect with lashings of custard on a cold winter evening! I personally prefer the smaller individual loaves because I often find that the larger ones are such a nuisance to cut because it ends up squashed (I know some people will protest and say that is all a part of the Soreen experience!)

So overall I really did enjoy this and it was a tasty treat that got me into the mood for Halloween!

Rating - 8/10
Calories - 100
Vegan - No
Buy Again? - Yes

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Ben & Jerry's Minter Wonderland

I feel that mint is an often ignored flavour when it comes to sweet things and is often overlooked for the more traditional peanuts, caramel or toffee. Only ever associated with After Eight mints but that is no more, because Ben & Jerry's have released a delicious new flavour called 'Minter Wonderland' (a name that I can't help but smile at!) so obviously it became my top priority to get a tub to try!
I certainly did not regret it because the flavour was lovely, the ice cream is vanilla with a slight hint of mint which worked really well against the massive chunks of mint chocolate and helped keep it refreshing and not too cloying. Basically I loved this flavour and am sad that it will only be a limited edition so I intend upon eating it until I hate it haha!

Rating - 9.5/10
Buy Again - Yes!
Vegan - No
Calories - 

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Nakd Christmas Pud Bar

Tis the season of Christmas treats and I must say I am very excited and the first limited edition Christmas item that I have tried this year is the Nakd Christmas Pud bar. The wrapping of the bar was lovely, festive and left me desperately wanting to tear into it and try it. Most Christmas puddings are typically vegan so I was expecting a similar flavour and I certainly was not disappointed! The flavour was classically comforting and had a little crunch in it from the nuts which worked wonderfully with the rich and fruity flavour.
Basically I loved this bar, it was delicious and left me feeling satisfied, plus I knew it was a healthy snack so what else could I want?!

Rating - 9/10 
Buy Again - Yes! 
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 130ish

Friday, 26 September 2014

Meiji Chocolate Hello Panda Biscuits

Whilst in town last weekend I noticed that a new Mr Sims Sweet Shop had opened and I was absolutely thrilled, when entering I was literally like a child in a sweet shop! (I am the queen of puns I will have you know)
I spotted these cute little biscuits in the shape of panda bears with little panda bears doing all these different activities like football, fishing etc. they are the typical cuteness that you associate with Asian products but I was a little worried that it would be style over substance but thankfully this was not the case!
These little biscuits are just magical. They have a soft and gooey chocolatey centre that works well against the crisp and crunchy biscuit coating. The flavour was lovely and I really enjoyed munching on them. They are perfect as a snack at any time of day as they are light but leave you satisfied. 

Rating - 9.5/10
Calories - 190 per 35g 
Vegan - No
Buy Again - YES!!!

Friday, 19 September 2014

KitKat Chunky Double Caramel

I don't think that there have been any new innovative chocolate bars out for a while from the British Nestlé team which I think is a bit sad because chocolate makes everything better in my opinion... 
I had been going on about this bar to basically anyone that would listen to me, telling them just how excited I am to try a brand new KitKat bar, especially a chunky variety. 
This bar has two different types of caramel in it and is thus called the double caramel KitKat Chunky. One side is crunchy caramel which is simply divine and the other is the soft and gooey caramel that we all know and love (which is also lovely working well as a contrast to its crunchy counterpart).
It is coated in the typical tasty Nestlé chocolate which I thoroughly enjoyed as it was sweet, creamy and melted very nicely in my mouth.
Overall I enjoyed this bar and have since bought several more to eat as my night time snack. I would strongly recommend this to all caramel livers because it offers an alternative to the more traditional caramel.

Rating - 9/10
Buy Again - Already Have!
Calories - 218 per Bar
Vegan - No

Friday, 12 September 2014

Coke Life

I gave in and decided to try the new Coke Life. Personally I am a fan of Pepsi Max but I do quite like Coke Zero if it is freezing cold straight from the fridge but these both have aspartame in which isn't really that healthy. It may have nearly no calories but it is associated with a number of different health problems like migraines, rashes, nausea etc.
So I thought that I should give this seemingly healthier and more natural drink a go. It is flavoured with the natural sweetener stevia which seems to be the latest food craze. 
Okay, now onto the actual review. The flavour itself is familiar and has the classic components of regular coke, it was sweet, fizzy, and almost caramel in flavour. You can't really tell the difference until the aftertaste which is a tad odd but doesn't detract from the overall pleasant flavour of it.
Personally I still prefer Pepsi Max as it has less than five calories whereas Coke. Life has 89 calories which excludes it from the diet drink category but if you aren't bothered about diet drinks and care more about General health then this is the drink for you!

Rating - 8/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 89 per Can
Buy Again - Probably Not

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Alpro Soya Gingerbread Dessert

I have recently developed a love for all things gingerbread, from the original little men to the modern twist of it being a soya dessert made by the Alpro company which specialises in vegan dairy alternatives offering a wide variety of milk, yogurt and dessert substitutes.
I am already a fan of their products so I just knew that I had to try their gingerbread dessert pots. 
The flavour is lovely although not very gingerbready, it reminded me more of buttered popcorn jelly beans and my mum thought the same. Regardless of this I really enjoyed the taste, it was thick and creamy which is impressive considering there is absolutely no dairy in it! There was a sweetness that worked well with the slight spice of the ginger so it wasn't too fiery or overwhelming. 
Overall I really enjoyed these dessert style yogurts and would definitely have them again!

Rating - 8/10
Buy Again - Yes
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 108 per Pot

Friday, 29 August 2014

Mango CoYo Yoghurt

Now for my final (until more come varieties become available to me that is) review of the CoYo range. The mango flavour is a layer of compote underneath the thick and luxurious natural coconut milk yoghurt which as I have described in earlier reviews is lovely with a slight hint of coconut -I do still believe that this yoghurt would be perfect with dedicated coconut pieces in it just to give it some varying textured and a bit of bite. But regardless of this it is still a lovely flavour and I did really enjoy it. Due to it being so thick and dense it is incredibly filling in comparison to other yogurts.

Rating - 8/10
Vegan - Yes
Buy Again - Probably
Calories - 156 per 100g

Friday, 22 August 2014

Fox's Party Rings

It is always a lovely surprise when a childhood favourite becomes vegetarian. I am talking about the delicious and iconic Party Rings! The colourful doughnut shaped treats glazed in a delicious sugary icing. The biscuit base was buttery and crumbly just as I remember it and I couldn't help but grin as I started munching on them filled with childhood nostalgia. The icing looked pretty and tasted slightly fruity and sweet which worked well against the biscuit.
Overall I have to say I really enjoyed my little bag of Party Rings as they tasted fabulous and brought back floods of childhood memories, and I can't wait to try all of the other wild and wacky new flavours they have brought out!

Rating - 8/10
Calories - 112 a Bag
Vegan - Yes
Buy Again - Yes!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Wild Trail Oat Bars

These Wild Trail bars are new on the market and absolutely delicious, they taste fresh and fruity with a nice soft texture. They are the same style as the more widely known Nakd Bars. The flavours are rather unique in my opinion and my favourite was easily the Cherry Crumble -even my mum who isn't a big fan of raw food bars loved it and said it was a filling and tasty snack that kept her full until lunch. 
Due to all of the fibre from the nuts and fruit it is a healthy snack that keeps you satisfied. The bars are naturally sweet and have no additional sugar added to them which keeps them healthy and relatively low in calories.
All of the bars were really tasty and I would recommend them to everyone and I can't wait until these become more widely available!

Rating - 8/10
Vegan - Yes
Calories - Around 140 per bar
Buy Again - Yes

(I was sent these to give an honest review, and that is exactly what I did!)

Friday, 8 August 2014

Kellogs Froot Loops (USA)

Cereal has to be one of my favourite things, along with import food because they are so different from what we are used to in good old Blighty. Every now and then I treat myself to a unique American import product and today that product is... Froot Loops! Now I know that we now have them here in the UK but the recipe is different. 
The flavour is a little bizarre, it is somewhat fruity but what fruit I'm not actually sure, maybe citrusy? There was not difference in flavour regardless of the colour you ate so the colour is more for decoration rather than flavour indication. 
Overall I really enjoyed these tasty little loops and they made a lively change from my regular cereals like Cheerios or Cookie Crisp (not that I don't still love them).

Rating - 8/10
Calories - 160 per 40g
Buy Again - Yes!
Vegan - Yes

Friday, 1 August 2014

CoYo Natural Yogurt

I was rather impressed with the raw cocoa CoYo yogurt so I decided to try yet another product from their range. The plain natural flavour was lovely. I still can't get over just how thick this yogurt is! Imagine Greek yogurt but ten times thicker, I personally hate watery yogurts, they are generally unpleasant and lack any real flavour or substance.
The natural flavour had a lovely and subtle coconut flavour which worked perfectly. It isn't sickly sweet but it is quite a rich flavour making it feel like more of a luxury dessert yogurt than a regular daily yogurt if that makes any sense?
This would be perfect if it had shredded coconut in it but you can always add them yourself!

Rating - 8/10
Vegan - Yes
Buy Again - Yes
Calories - 165 per 100g

Friday, 25 July 2014

CoYo Raw Chocolate Yogurt

I think that the market for vegan yogurts is expanding here in the UK and all I can say to that is About Time! It is a nuisance to find delicious tasting dairy free yogurts. I am making an effort to try as many different types as possible so that I don't get too bored with what I'm eating (a rut that I often find myself in).

CoYo yogurts as you will have guessed are made me coconut milk and they are unbelievably thick, thicker than Greek yogurt and I love this about them, I was really worried that they would be watery, but no, they are incredibly thick and creamy. I tried the cocoa flavour and initially I wasn't too impressed with it because it wasn't very sweet and was actually a little bitter, but as I continued eating it it started tasting better and better. It worked incredibly well when I dipped banana  chips into it! 
If you are expecting it to taste like a bar of dairy milk then you will be disappointed as it is unsweetened cocoa powder that is used rather than actual milk chocolate as you would expect from a Cadburys Pot of Joy. 

Rating - 7.5/10
Calories - 155 per 100g
Buy Again - I think so
Vegan - Yes!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Freedom Vanilla Marshmallows

Marshmallows are probably the one thing that I miss most about being a vegetarian. I don't miss bacon or sausages or steak (okay I do sometimes have the odd craving for steak with chunky chips and peppercorn sauce, but I digress) but I do miss the foamy goodness that is marshmallows and sweets in general! 
I have been trying to hunt down these marshmallows for absolutely ages so whilst in town I went into the local Holland & Barratts and I spotted them, so I quickly went to the counter to buy them. 

Now, onto the review. They don't look like marshmallows if I'm honest, but they do smell lovely, with strong vanilla hints that are a good sign. The marshmallows themselves are incredible, seriously. I cannot get over how delicious they are, they taste just like regular marshmallows and the texture is just as good. The texture was my main concern as I was worried that they would be like Haribo Funny Mix but no, they are light and fluffy and just magical!
I can't wait to try the other flavours and products that Freedom has to offer!

Rating - 9.5/10
Calories - 339 per 100g
Vegan - Yes
Buy Again - Yes!!!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Chia Pods

Chia seeds are very good for you with all sorts of health benefits and as a result this is quickly becoming the next big superfood. They are full of protein, omega 3, calcium whilst being relatively low in calories, so what's not to love? Well on their own they have very little flavour but they are versatile and rather good at taking on flavour as they swell up and resemble tapioca. 
I have been wanting to try chia seeds for a while but didn't really trust my cooking abilities to make my own chia pudding so when I spotted this Mango Chia Pod in Tesco I just had to pick it up! Now be warned they are rather expensive at over £2 for one small pod.

Now onto the review, flavour is quite nice albeit a little muted, it is free of any artificial sweeteners or sugar so it does have a lovely natural flavour which was live and refreshing on a warm summer day. The pudding part itself was lovely and thick and somehow quite creamy despite being devoid of any cream or even dairy products.

I can't wait to try the rest of the flavours that are available but I don't actually know where I would get them from

Rating - 8/10
But Again - Yes
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 164 (Vanilla) , 149 (Mango)

Friday, 4 July 2014

New Heinz Beans Meals

Beans are a staple part of my diet so whenever there is a new product out that involves beans I get a little excited (strange I know). So I was thrilled when I spotted these in my local Asda. Now they were a tad expensive in comparison to regular beans but this is probably to be expected as they are new and seem to be intended as a meal rather than just to go on your jacket potato or with your cottage pie.

Goodness me these are spicy! Delicious and full of flavour but incredibly hot so they are definitely not for those with a delicate palate. Normally I am not a big fan of spicy food but these are an exception as they manage to be flavoursome, with rich tomatoey tones in the sauce that help to mellow out the otherwise overwhelming heat.

Now the Chilli flavour was a lot milder in terms of heat and had a variety of different veg in it like sweet corn, kidney beans, peppers etc so it was very filling. It did taste a bit generic and like most vegetable chillies but that isn't a bad thing because it was still very tasty and packed with flavour.

Rating - 7/10
Buy Again - Maybe
Vegan - Yes
Calories - Around 157 per half a can 

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Special K Caramel Biscuit Moments

I am a big fan of Special K products because as a General rule they are really tasty, full of flavour and quite low in calories. I particularly enjoy the biscuit moment range because they are a bit like Poptarts (something which I really miss as they real Poptarts aren't veggie friendly) anyway, the caramel ones are absolutely delicious! They are buttery, sweet and actually taste of caramel! I know that sounds like a daft thing to say but with diet products sometimes the flavours can be a bit hit and miss, by not living up to their name, instead tasting artificial.
Coming in at less than 100 calories they are perfect for the diet conscious but because of their fabulous flavour they are also perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!

Rating - 8.5/10
Buy Again - Yes!
Calories - 96
Vegan - No

Friday, 20 June 2014

Metcalfes Chilli Tweet Corners

I absolutely adore the Metcalfes range, the products are healthy yet full of flavour and make a perfect snack in replacement of the typical crisps so when I saw these in Boots I quickly stocked up on them before they were gone. I picked up the sweet chilli flavour because I have a bit of an aversion to cheese and anything cheese flavoured.
Anyway, moving on to the actual review, upon opening the packet I was greeted by a lovely heated chilli flavour, and I couldn't wait to actually try them. The base flavour is quite tomatoey which I really enjoyed and worked brilliantly with the chilli to help tone them down so as to not burn your mouth off! The texture was a little odd at first but I personally preferred this to the more traditional nacho style crisps. Not incredibly crunchy but still very good.
Overall I enjoyed these and would have them again as they are a healthier and in my opinion tastier version of Doritos 

Rating - 8/10
Buy Again - Yes
Calories - 130
Vegan - I don't know, ingredients wise it is but on the website it says that there may be traces of milk. 

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Innocent Pearl Barley & Veg Pot

Sometimes I think that lunch can get a little dull and monotonous so sometimes I like to treat myself when the Innocent pots are on offer and pick up a few. I decided I deserved a treat as I have just finished my exams, plus there has recently been an expansion to the range. 

Today I tried the Pearl Barley & Veg flavour. The sauce was quite creamy with a nice kick of black pepper to truly add a bit of flavour, without this pepper I think it would be a little bland. 
The veg in it was lovely, soft and fresh adding a lovely stew like texture, which worked perfectly with the slightly chewy and crunchy texture that is typical of pearl barley (and ingredient which is underused in my opinion! Especially in vegetarian food) 
This meal left me feeling full for about six hours with only a little snack in between. But I didn't feel bloated, I had worried that it would be quite heavy on my stomach as it was potato based but that wasn't the case at all much to my relief!

Rating - 8/10
Buy Again - Yes!
Calories - 289
Vegan - No

(I apologise for the lack of pictures but Google + is currently not working for me so I shall link a picture for you instead) 

Friday, 6 June 2014

Rice Dream Vanilla Flavoured Milk

I have suspicions that I may be lactose intolerance so I have been avoiding dairy at the moment. I have never really been a fan on milk and as a result I didn't want to try a plain flavoured milk substitute so instead I picked up this vanilla rice milk.
The flavour is quite subtle but had lovely vanilla tones to it that come through quite nicely, I used it to make my porridge of a morning but I didn't quite find it sweet enough if I'm honest so I had to add some Sweet & Low to it just to sweeten it up a tad (but that is a personal thing for me because I have a sweet tooth). 
I also used it today to make fairy cakes today, my brother really enjoyed it and said that they were the best fairy cakes he had had in a long time (a compliment that left me grinning from ear to ear haha!) 
Overall I quite enjoyed the vanilla rice milk, I wouldn't drink it straight up on its own but it is perfect in cakes, porridge etc.

Rating - 7/10
Buy Again - Probably
Vegan -Yes
Calories - 54 per 100ml

Friday, 30 May 2014

Itsu Seaweed Thins

I have been wanting to try these seaweed thins for quite a while because they are so different and unlike anything I have had before so I was quite excited when I saw them in Boots, albeit for the hefty price of £1.00 which may not seem like much but when there is only five grams in the pack it is quite expensive. They are vegan though as they only contain seaweed, oil and sea salt, plus they are only 24 calories for the entire pack so they are good for the diet conscious ( although they aren't very filling).
It was a bit of a bizarre flavour if I'm honest, it was rather salty and slightly fishy tasting. I still don't know whether or not I actually enjoyed eating them because the flavour was so unique and unlike anything I have ever tried before. My brother really did not enjoy them, he only took one bite and gave it straight back to me, I didn't think that they were that bad but I don't think I will be buying them again, especially because of how expensive they are. 

Calories - 24
Buy Again - Doubt It
Vegan - Yes
Rating - 6/10

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Banana Sugar Puffs

Banana seems to be the flavour at the moment what with the Weetabix, Cadburys Marvellous Creations Bar, the Banoffee Muller Corner etc so when I saw one of my favourite cereals with a new banana variety I picked up a pack without hesitation. 
I was relatively impressed with these Banana Sugar Puffs, they tasted a little artificial but that may because I ate them dry without milk,my brother had them with milk as intended and agreed that the flavour was more natural and muted with the addition of milk.
I found them to be rather enjoyable on the whole but I still would choose the originals over this in future but it was definitely worth a try!

Rating - 7/10
Calories - 117 per 30g
Vegan - No
Buy Again - Maybe

Friday, 16 May 2014

Kettle Chips Baked Variety

I'm not really the biggest crisp lover but I do have a soft spot for Kettle Chips as they are so crunchy and just delicious so when I saw this new healthier version of Kettle Chips I picked up a bag of each flavour. 
The flavours were very good, sometimes I think with lower fat crisps they can be a little boring or muted in flavour but these certainly weren't, they were as crunchy and as flavoursome as the regular fried version and I would recommend them not only to those watching their weight but anyone who is a fan of tasty, crunchy crisps! I really enjoyed them, the chilli ones had a nice kick to them that wasn't overwhelming or too spicy that they became uncomfortable to eat. 
Overall I would definitely buy these again, I look forward to the other future flavours that they will bring out in this range

Rating - 7.5/10
Calories - 97-99 per Pack
Buy Again - Yes

Friday, 9 May 2014

Clif Bars

Clif Bars are made by an American company and I think that it is only recently that they have become more widely available here in the UK and I am so glad because they are incredibly tasty! Not only are they delicious but they are packed with vegan friendly protein in the form of dried fruits, nuts and oats. All of the flavours are lovely and well balanced, my favourite was the Chocolate Chip, as it was indulgent yet not sickly. It was even better when heated up in the microwave for 20 seconds so that it would go all melty and fudge like (this actually worked well with all the flavours and resulted in a magical treat). They are quite calorie dense but this is because they are intended for long treks where you require a large amount of energy to sustain you, they also worked brilliantly as a revision snack to keep my brain functioning at maximum capacity, plus all of the calories are coming from good stuff so you have no need to feel guilty for it!

Buy Again - Yes! Yes! Yes!
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 250-270 per Bar
Rating - 9.5/10

Friday, 2 May 2014

Metcalfes Skinny Dark Chocolate Mini Rice Cakes

Now I do love a good bar of Galaxy or Dairy Milk but my favourite type of chocolate is dark so I snapped up a bag of these Metcalfe dark chocolate mini rice cakes on offer for a pound in Sainsburys! 
They were a good size to munch in one or two small bites and left you feeling quite satisfied after, but the bag intended for it to be eaten in two servings of 25g but I decided to have a bit of a YOLO moment ( did I really just say that?...) and eat the entire bag in one go. And it was quite easy to do without feeling sickly or too full and it was an easy way to eat 240 calories. 
The rice cakes were crunchy and light with a good covering of nice quality dark chocolate on one side and overall I really enjoyed them, it is just the serving size that I have a bit of a problem with because it is a bit small, but that is me being greedy rather than anything else!

Rating - 8.5/10
Calories - 118 for 25g
Buy Again - Yes
Vegan - Yes

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Pudology Vegan Puddings

Recently I received a package of goodies from the kind people of Pudology, a company that makes vegan puddings. I really like this concept as there aren't too many products like this on offer-or at least not that I'm aware of.
The puddings come in a variety of different flavours from the classic combination of banoffee to chocolate orange and all flavours are gluten free.
I was lucky enough to try the chocolate orange, strawberry and lemon. Honestly, they are absolutely delicious! My favourite was the strawberry shortcake styled one, it was made with coconut milk which works really well to make it thick and creamy whilst also adding a subtle flavour. 
The chocolate orange and lemon were also lovely, they felt really luxurious to eat and were a good serving size because they are quite rich so you are left feeling satisfied.

Buy Again - Yes!
Vegan - Yes
Rating - 8.75/10

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