Sunday, 3 November 2013

YooMoo Devilmoo

The demand for frozen yogurt in the UK is starting to grow and quite rapidly too so I thought that it was my duty as a food lover and reviewer to sample some of the YooMoo frozen yogurt as they are a company that specialise in it.
Frozen yogurt is typically healthier than traditional ice cream due to there being less fat in it and if I'm honest you can tell. It isn't as creamy or smooth as regular ice cream and it is quite tart ( I personally quite like it being tart as I enjoy natural yogurt). The chocolate flavour is rather pleasant, not too sickly and not too sweet, the natural flavour is actually quite refreshing so makes a nice afternoon snack 
Overall I quite enjoyed it, it was a guilt free way to enjoy a bit of chocolate throughout the day, with its cute little chocolate stars and tiny pieces of. Fudge brownie in it.

Rating - 7/10
Buy Again - Probably
Vegan - No
Price - £1.00 ( on offer ) 
Calories - 162

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