Sunday, 24 November 2013

Garbanzo Bean Snacks

This week I was sent a package with three packs of delicious yet ever so healthy Garbanzo Beans. When I first heard about them I was intrigued as there doesn't seem to be anything else like this out at the moment in the UK and I wasn't really sure what garbanzo beans actually were but with a little research I found out that Garbanzo beans are just another name for chickpeas, I think that it is actually what the Americans call them.

Now onto the actual review, all of the flavours were absolutely delicious, they were crunchy, filling and very satisfying. The portion size is pretty huge at 65g which is even more impressive for the amount of calories in them, and it isn't as though they are lacking in flavour because even with a heavy cold I could experience the taste sensation that was inside each pack.
The Thai and the Bombay flavours were both quite spicy but not to the point that it is painful, and the Tomato and Herb flavour was quite rich in flavour, with a lovely hint of rosemary probably my favourite of all of them!
I look forward to all future products released in the Garbanzo bean range because they are absolutely deliciously nutritious and perfect for an afternoon snack or with lunch to replace crisps.

Calories - 88
Rating - 9/10
Buy Again - Yes!!!
Price - £1.25

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