Friday, 25 October 2013

Options Hot Chocolate and Quaker Oats

One of my absolute favourite breakfast treats is hot chocolate and porridge, in my opinion it is the perfect winter warmer, so I decided to sample the indulgent varieties of the Options range. Options are a diet hot chocolate brand that offer quite a wide range of products, today I decided to sample the chocolate cherry flavour and overall it is pretty good, it actually reminded me a bit of the Cherry Garcia Frozen Yogurt from Ben & Jerrys.
Unfortunately there was quite an artificial taste to it which I found to be a tad disappointing but then again considering that it is a diet drink with reduced calories I think that it was rather optimistic of me to hope for it to be rich and creamy tasting. So when I consider it on a diet drink level then it is quite good, it is sweet, chocolatey and fruity and makes a lovely addition to my breakfast of porridge.

Rating - 5.5/10
Buy Again - Maybe
Calories - 60

Now I shall review the porridge for you as I have been absolutely rubbish I not posted for a week (loads of school work at the moment urghh)
Now when my mum came home with this new porridge I was rather excited as I absolutely love porridge with its warm and comforting stodgy-ness!
It was the 'Heaps of Fruit' variety of the Quaker Oats. I think that it is the first of its kind to actually have large chunks of fruit in it and as a fruit lover I really enjoyed that.

Rating - 6/10
Buy Again - Possibly
Calories - 133

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