Saturday, 5 October 2013

Chocolate Nice Cream Wonka Bar

I was excited when I heard news of the brand new Willy Wonka chocolate bars and I knew instantly that I needed to try this tantalising new snack out right away! I decided that I was going to try the Very Nice Cream bar first. Upon opening the packaging which was in my opinion very lovely with its bright, vibrant purple foil- I was greeted by the alluring scent of chocolate, preparing to devour my bar I took a bite and...
It was thoroughly disappointing!  I could not taste the vanilla cream which looked so tantalising. It was completely overpowered by the chocolate sauce which in my opinion there was too much of and to make it even worse it was sickeningly sweet .
Overall the bar was not that great which is a such a massive let down as  they have so many fantastic unusual flavours. I only ended up eating half the bar as i gave up hope on the flavour improving. It was rather upsetting that such a potentially fantastic and original bar was executed so poorly.

Buy Again - No

Vegetarian - Yes (As far as I can tell )
Calories - 193
Rating - 3/10

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