Friday, 25 October 2013

Options Hot Chocolate and Quaker Oats

One of my absolute favourite breakfast treats is hot chocolate and porridge, in my opinion it is the perfect winter warmer, so I decided to sample the indulgent varieties of the Options range. Options are a diet hot chocolate brand that offer quite a wide range of products, today I decided to sample the chocolate cherry flavour and overall it is pretty good, it actually reminded me a bit of the Cherry Garcia Frozen Yogurt from Ben & Jerrys.
Unfortunately there was quite an artificial taste to it which I found to be a tad disappointing but then again considering that it is a diet drink with reduced calories I think that it was rather optimistic of me to hope for it to be rich and creamy tasting. So when I consider it on a diet drink level then it is quite good, it is sweet, chocolatey and fruity and makes a lovely addition to my breakfast of porridge.

Rating - 5.5/10
Buy Again - Maybe
Calories - 60

Now I shall review the porridge for you as I have been absolutely rubbish I not posted for a week (loads of school work at the moment urghh)
Now when my mum came home with this new porridge I was rather excited as I absolutely love porridge with its warm and comforting stodgy-ness!
It was the 'Heaps of Fruit' variety of the Quaker Oats. I think that it is the first of its kind to actually have large chunks of fruit in it and as a fruit lover I really enjoyed that.

Rating - 6/10
Buy Again - Possibly
Calories - 133

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Frank Bars

Now, last week I received this lovely package courtesy of the Frank bar company, and I am delighted to say, I loved them!
The flavours were so natural tasting, all of my friends were rather envious of my little treat and repeatedly asked me where they could get them from so I kindly directed them to the Frank website
The double chocolate was definitely my favourite, there was a thin layer of chocolate on top of the chewy, oaty base of the bar that also had a lovely chocolatey flavour to it, well actually it was more of a raw cocoa flavour which in my opinion is absolutely delicious and helps set this bar apart from the generic chocolate bars about
They are healthy with only natural ingredients and they are absolutely vegan friendly so anyone can enjoy this tasty little treat! It goes perfect with a cup of peppermint tea (ooh a minty variety of these would be amazing or perhaps a chocolate cherry ! ) 
I am getting a bit ahead of myself here oops... 
Now onto the fruity varieties, these were equally as lovely with there fresh raw flavours that are obviously all natural with no synthetic or artificial ingredients going into them which makes them completely and utterly guilt free! 

Score - 9.75/10
Buy Again - Yes
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 117-121

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Chocolate Nice Cream Wonka Bar

I was excited when I heard news of the brand new Willy Wonka chocolate bars and I knew instantly that I needed to try this tantalising new snack out right away! I decided that I was going to try the Very Nice Cream bar first. Upon opening the packaging which was in my opinion very lovely with its bright, vibrant purple foil- I was greeted by the alluring scent of chocolate, preparing to devour my bar I took a bite and...
It was thoroughly disappointing!  I could not taste the vanilla cream which looked so tantalising. It was completely overpowered by the chocolate sauce which in my opinion there was too much of and to make it even worse it was sickeningly sweet .
Overall the bar was not that great which is a such a massive let down as  they have so many fantastic unusual flavours. I only ended up eating half the bar as i gave up hope on the flavour improving. It was rather upsetting that such a potentially fantastic and original bar was executed so poorly.

Buy Again - No

Vegetarian - Yes (As far as I can tell )
Calories - 193
Rating - 3/10

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