Friday, 27 September 2013

Cadburys Popping Candy Freddo

Now, what is there not to love about a popping candy Freddo bar? It is good old cadburys chocolate that we all know and love with its delicious creamy flavour and it's perfect level of sweetness, and in the shape of a beloved and iconic character, Freddo the Frog!
But with a new edition of popping candy which in my opinion is a rather nice alternative to the caramel and plain flavour
The popping candy itself does not contribute to the flavour of my lovely little Freddo it is however still a nice addition to the Cadbury Christmas range and I look forward to finding and enjoying the rest of the Christmas goodies that will be released in the upcoming months

Rating 9/10
Calories - 95
Buy Again - Yes

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Now, I am a bit of a lover of all things sweet so when I was offered the opportunity to try out this brand new product I jumped at the chance. 
There is a lovely little back story that comes with them too! There is even a story behind these Nanobytes - some time ago, far far away in space, the sky was filled with edible planets drifting dangerously close to the stars. ‘Planet Nano’ collided with a star and exploded, filling space with lots and lots of little sweets, until Project-Nano astronauts (Nanonauts) were sent out to collect these rare, delicious sweets and bring them back to Earth for our enjoyment

They have a good range of flavours from the classic cola to the fruity strawberry to the deliciously sweet bubblegum
so there is a flavour for everyone, my favourite was definitely the strawberry but when I let my brother sample them he said that he preferred the cola so it is all down to personal preferences. 
The flavour as you will have guessed was rather sweet, they had  a crunchy outer coating with a soft chewy centre! Just one handful is enough to satisfy a craving for sugar!

Rating - 7.5/10 

I must state that all views stated are my own and my families but I did receive these as a free sample to review

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