Thursday, 1 August 2013

Perk!er Porridge Pots

This week I received a wonderful parcel from the lovely Ann Perkins, the co founder of Perk!er, with lots of yummy porridges to try. I am a massive fan of porridge so when I discovered Perk!ier, a gluten free alternative I was intrigued to say the least. The brand offers a wide range of products that are all gluten free, mostly vegan and all vegetarian!

I decided this morning to try the cute little porridge pot that you simply add water to,upon removing the lid I was greeted by a lovely fragrant  smell of cinnamon with slight undertones of apple. The smell became even stronger and more enticing once I added the hot water. You have to leave it for two minutes to thicken up. Now, onto the actual taste of the porridge, it had a really traditional taste to it, thick chewy oats, fresh plump raisins and big crunchy chunks of apple. It has to be one of the best porridge pots that I have ever tried as it was free of any artificial tastes and I knew that it was all good stuff in it. 

I cannot wait for tomorrow morning to try the berry variety! 

Score - 8.5/10
Vegan - No
Calories - 233
Buy Again - Yes!
Price - £2.00


I tried the berry variety this morning, it was somehow even better than the apple,cinnamon & raisin flavour. something I thought not to be possible! It was sweeter than the apple, but in a good, natural way that reassured you that this was not only delicious but a great source of sustainable energy that will get you all the way through until lunch. It left me feeling full but not boated until lunch which is always a winner in my books. There was a good ratio of fruit to oats so you got a piece almost every spoonful. It was quick to make and really thick (depending upon how much water you use). Overall I feel that these products are a delicious product that allow you to truly appreciate the flavour of the oats rather than the synthetic and a little artificial taste of most other porridge products. 

Score - 9.5/10
Vegan - No
Calories - 234
Buy Again - Yes!
Price - £2.00

(Although I did receive these products for free from Perk!er, all views are my own and totally unbiased)

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