Monday, 19 August 2013

Metcalfes Skinny Topcorn Sweet n Salt

Popcorn is such a versatile snack, you can have it sweet, you can have it savoury or you can even have it sweet and salty. I flavour combination I truly do love! So as you may have guessed I really like this Metcalfe's Skinny Topcorn! The popcorn itself is rather healthy and retained a softness yet slight crispness that you would expect from a perfectly popped corn kernel.
There were no unpopped kernels in my packet which is a lovely change from when you got to the cinema and nearly break your teeth! 
The flavour was perfectly balanced with the sweet and salty so that you could enjoy the best of both worlds! Overall I totally love this and look forward to trying some of the other deliciously unique flavours that are available!

Score - 9/10
Buy Again? -Definitely 
Calories - 116
Price £0.80
Vegan - Yes as far as I can tell 


  1. I keep meaning to try this but have only seen the massive bags. Where did you find this one?

  2. I got this from Primark of all places! But I think that they have just recently started to sell them in Tesco, good luck with finding them! :)


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