Sunday, 25 August 2013

Metcalfe's Cinnamon Skinny Topcorn

Cinnamon is generally quite an underused flavour here in England, which in my opinion is an absolute travesty as it is so incredibly delicious and versatile so when my mum came home with a pack of metcalfes skinny popcorn in cinnamon flavour I was so excited and couldn't wait to try this out !
There is a good distribution of cinnamon, which every piece of popcorn covered with a light dusting of it, it also added a lovely golden colour to the popcorn which looked lovely. Once again there were no unpopped pieces of corn in the bag so my teeth are still safe and in one piece!
There is a great texture that is to be expected from metcalfes not too crunchy like Butterkissed is but not too soft. 
The bag is pretty well filled with an even coating of cinnamon flavouring so that you get to enjoy the slightly sweet warmth that undeniably makes me think of Christmas despite it being sunny and warm outside not to mention there still being several months until it is Christmas!

Score - 9/10
Buy Again? -Definitely 
Calories - 117
Price £0.80
Vegan - No

1 comment:

  1. I saw this brand in Primark (random!) this week but the flavours available didn't really bother me - would have been interested in this one though!


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