Friday, 30 August 2013

Pineapple and Coconut Muller Corner Yogurt

Muller have been on a roll this year in regards to releasing new products to their range and I am really quite impressed with the flavour of the latest limited edition muller corner as it is a rather original in terms of yogurt combinations.
The flavour is smooth coconut and pineapple, now when I read this I initially thought that the yogurt part was going to be coconut flavour but it was actually just the regular vanilla flavour which although incredibly delicious and something I feel that they should sell on its own in pots , was a little disappointing but that is probably just me being picky.
The compote was sweet and had chunks of pineapple in which worked really well, the coconut added a more exotic and smooth feeling to it to prevent too much acidity from the pineapple 
Overall this was a tasty yogurt that can be enjoyed as an afternoon snack or anytime really as it is light and doesn't leave you feeling bloated or overly full.

Rating - 7/10
Calories - 188
Vegan - No
Price - £0.65

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Metcalfe's Cinnamon Skinny Topcorn

Cinnamon is generally quite an underused flavour here in England, which in my opinion is an absolute travesty as it is so incredibly delicious and versatile so when my mum came home with a pack of metcalfes skinny popcorn in cinnamon flavour I was so excited and couldn't wait to try this out !
There is a good distribution of cinnamon, which every piece of popcorn covered with a light dusting of it, it also added a lovely golden colour to the popcorn which looked lovely. Once again there were no unpopped pieces of corn in the bag so my teeth are still safe and in one piece!
There is a great texture that is to be expected from metcalfes not too crunchy like Butterkissed is but not too soft. 
The bag is pretty well filled with an even coating of cinnamon flavouring so that you get to enjoy the slightly sweet warmth that undeniably makes me think of Christmas despite it being sunny and warm outside not to mention there still being several months until it is Christmas!

Score - 9/10
Buy Again? -Definitely 
Calories - 117
Price £0.80
Vegan - No

Monday, 19 August 2013

Metcalfes Skinny Topcorn Sweet n Salt

Popcorn is such a versatile snack, you can have it sweet, you can have it savoury or you can even have it sweet and salty. I flavour combination I truly do love! So as you may have guessed I really like this Metcalfe's Skinny Topcorn! The popcorn itself is rather healthy and retained a softness yet slight crispness that you would expect from a perfectly popped corn kernel.
There were no unpopped kernels in my packet which is a lovely change from when you got to the cinema and nearly break your teeth! 
The flavour was perfectly balanced with the sweet and salty so that you could enjoy the best of both worlds! Overall I totally love this and look forward to trying some of the other deliciously unique flavours that are available!

Score - 9/10
Buy Again? -Definitely 
Calories - 116
Price £0.80
Vegan - Yes as far as I can tell 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Lindt Hello Strawberry Cheesecake

Wow, just wow. This is so incredibly delicious and unique. The milk chocolate coating is creamy and obviously of a high quality that works very well with the slightly tangy strawberry cream cheese filling. It really does embody a luxury strawberry cheesecake ( I personally find it even better than an actual cheesecake as this involves chocolate haha).
I am not normally the biggest fan of Lindt chocolate and would typically opt for a bar of Galaxy or Cadburys instead but I am so glad that I tried this bar and cannot wait to try the other varieties too!
The bar is a good size that leaves you feeling satisfied but not overly full. I rather liked the long shape, it was different from other single serve chocolate bars and the shape made it easy to break off the pieces bit by bit.

Score - 9/10
Buy Again - Yes!
Calories - 215
Vegetarian - Yes as far as I can tell
Price - £0.75

Friday, 9 August 2013

Necco Sky Bar

I have wanted to try this for ages so I was made up when my mum came home with a surprise selection of American goodies. 
The idea behind this bar is rather unique with four different flavours in one single bar, this solves the dilemma of not knowing what flavour chocolate I want!
The chocolate itself isn't the best quality but is pleasant enough with a slightly salty tone to it that works well with the sweet fillings. My favourite flavour was the caramel which in my opinion tasted a little peanutty or perhaps it was a salty taste but either way it was rather tasty. The vanilla cream was a little disappointing because there wasn't really any flavour to it other than sugary sweetness, the peanut filling was also really nice with a strong nutty flavour that worked really well and finally there was the fudge flavour which was a little reminiscent of the vanilla flavour, no real definable taste other than sugary sweetness.
Overall I quite enjoyed this bar but there are many improvements that could be improved with this bar. 

Score - 6/10
Buy Again - No
Calories - 200
Vegetarian - Yes as far as I can tell
Price - £2.00

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Perk!er Porridge Pots

This week I received a wonderful parcel from the lovely Ann Perkins, the co founder of Perk!er, with lots of yummy porridges to try. I am a massive fan of porridge so when I discovered Perk!ier, a gluten free alternative I was intrigued to say the least. The brand offers a wide range of products that are all gluten free, mostly vegan and all vegetarian!

I decided this morning to try the cute little porridge pot that you simply add water to,upon removing the lid I was greeted by a lovely fragrant  smell of cinnamon with slight undertones of apple. The smell became even stronger and more enticing once I added the hot water. You have to leave it for two minutes to thicken up. Now, onto the actual taste of the porridge, it had a really traditional taste to it, thick chewy oats, fresh plump raisins and big crunchy chunks of apple. It has to be one of the best porridge pots that I have ever tried as it was free of any artificial tastes and I knew that it was all good stuff in it. 

I cannot wait for tomorrow morning to try the berry variety! 

Score - 8.5/10
Vegan - No
Calories - 233
Buy Again - Yes!
Price - £2.00


I tried the berry variety this morning, it was somehow even better than the apple,cinnamon & raisin flavour. something I thought not to be possible! It was sweeter than the apple, but in a good, natural way that reassured you that this was not only delicious but a great source of sustainable energy that will get you all the way through until lunch. It left me feeling full but not boated until lunch which is always a winner in my books. There was a good ratio of fruit to oats so you got a piece almost every spoonful. It was quick to make and really thick (depending upon how much water you use). Overall I feel that these products are a delicious product that allow you to truly appreciate the flavour of the oats rather than the synthetic and a little artificial taste of most other porridge products. 

Score - 9.5/10
Vegan - No
Calories - 234
Buy Again - Yes!
Price - £2.00

(Although I did receive these products for free from Perk!er, all views are my own and totally unbiased)

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