Monday, 8 July 2013

Cadbury Crispello Vanilla Velvet

I saw this in Tesco whilst on my weekly mooch around the shops and was instantly drawn in by the lovely, shiny-purple wrapper. I am a massive fan of the original flavour of the Cadbury Crispello, so you can imagine my utter delight!
The Cadbury Crispello is predominantly targeted at the diet conscious woman as they are supposed to be eaten in three separate serving, I however found these to be far too moreish to resist and ate them all in one go. 
The chocolate coating was the good quality Cadburys milk chocolate flavour that we all know and love, the coating of the chocolate itself was relatively thin, but this is not a criticism at all from me because it allowed the taste of the creamy vanilla filling to take centre stage. 
The wafer part was crispy and held its shape well so as to keep crumbs to a minimum, they were light to eat and worked well as a treat to have along side my lunch.
Overall I really enjoyed this flavour variety more than the original which its creamier vanilla taste, I feel that there is a lot of potential for this product in terms of filling, for example a caramel, hazelnut or even a fruity variety!

Vegan - No
Calories - 55 (per bite)
Buy Again - Deffinitely!
Price - 60p
Score - 9.5

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  1. This review has just reminded me that I have one of these in my review box left to try. I loved the 1st Crispello and this one does sound awesome.


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