Monday, 24 June 2013

Japanese Ramen Innocent Noodle Pot

So I was feeling brave and decided to try the Miso Ramen flavoured Innocent pot today for my lunch and was immediately relieved upon opening it to be greeted by the lovely aroma of wild mushrooms and miso.
As with the other flavours of the noodle pots the vegetables retained both their flavour, texture and colour upon cooking which I always find to be a good thing as sometimes when you microwave vegetable things especially in a sauce they can go a bit well limp and lifeless tbh.
Anyway I shall continue on, the sauce itself brought a very mild warmth with it that even the most avid spice hater would thoroughly be able to enjoy and appreciate. The edamame beans add a lovely burst of colour to the pot along with a nice crunchy texture. The noodles were really thick and I think that I actually preferred them to the thinner noodles that were in the Tom Yum pot. Overall I really enjoyed this product as it was perfect for a light yet filling lunch!

Vegan - Yes
Calories - 197
Buy Again - Yes
Price - £3.90
Score - 7.5

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