Friday, 14 June 2013

Innocent Tom Yum Noodle Pot

Whilst mooching around Tesco hunting for something for my dinner, I noticed that Innocent had launched a brand new range of noodle pots, they all appear to be Asian themed as far as I can tell what with the takeaway style packaging (which I think is really creative and eye catching!). Due to them being new they were only £2.90 on an introductory offer, which isn't too bad when you would pay around £3.00 for a sandwich.
Today for my lunch I decided to sample the Tom Yum flavour which is described as 'Rice noodles with red peppers in a fragrant hot and sour sauce'. The vegetables were fresh and crunchy which worked very well against the soft rice noodles. I really enjoyed both the noodle and vegetable element but the sauce was just too spicy for me. I know, I know, Tom Yum is supposed to be spicy, it is even mentioned in the description! But I naively thought that it was just an exaggeration made by Innocent to draw more customers in, I was very very wrong... 
On initial tasting I found that the sauce added a lovely warmth with tomato undertones, but this quickly escalated into an unpleasant burning that prevented me from being able to taste any of the other flavours. That being said anybody who enjoys a little bit of spice would probably love this product but it just isn't for me with my ever so delicate palate haha!
However, I have not been put off trying more products from this new range as I look forward to trying the much milder sounding Japanese Ramen flavour!

Vegan - Yes
Calories - 239
Buy Again - I Doubt It
Price - £3.90
Score - 5


  1. Lovely review! I'll have to get this for the hubby, he loves Tom Yum but I wasn't sure if this one would be hot enough for him! I can recommend the Vietnamese Curry noodle pot from Innocent, it's only mildly spicy and very yummy :)

    1. Thank you :), it is very spicy so if he loves a bit of heat then this will be perfect for him! Oooh I shall have to get a pot to try! thank you


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