Tuesday, 31 December 2013

BBQ Popchips

I have recently developed a love and appreciation of barbecue flavoured things, possibly because as a vegetarian most barbecue flavoured items are off limits so I was excited when I found that PopChips offered it as one of their flavours!
The flavour was strong and smoky, with a spicy kick at the end of every mouthful, but by no means is it unpleasant! The chips themselves were a good size, crunchy and crisp that left you feeling very satisfied and absolutely guilt free because you know that they were cooked in a healthy way, rather low in calories and incredibly flavoursome!

Calories - 96
Rating - 8/10
Buy Again - Yes
Vegan - No

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Jelly Belly Milkshakes

Jelly belly had released three flavours of milkshake about a month ago, and when I first saw this product I was a bit sceptical because I thought this would just taste like some cheap rubbish that resembles cardboard or something with equally little flavour. But after a while I was tempted so I bought two flavours, the “top banana and French vanilla”.

For obvious reasons they are not vegan but they are in fact vegetarian and for another added bonus there is no artificial colours, sweeteners and flavours.
There are only a couple of ingredients the main one being semi-skimmed milk, which I always feel is a little reassuring in these type of products.
Once I started drinking I was pleasantly surprised to find that both of them were smooth and creamy not thick and tasteless like I had imagined. The French vanilla was particularly delicious and both were ideal in size and had a pleasant aftertaste which I find rare in milkshakes.
I am ultimately pleased that I picked these up and will definitely buy again and cannot wait for the new flavours!

Rating - 9/10
Vegan - No
Price - £1.25
Buy Again - Deffinitely!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Caramel Oats so Simple Pot

Porridge is such a deliciously versatile food but often the flavours can be the same and become a little boring. So when I heard about the new Caramel flavour that Oats So Simple have recently brought out, I just knew that I had to try it! 
Caramel flavoured things always have such an indulgent and luxurious feel to them that I cannot help but love.
Now onto the review, the serving size is good and will keep you full through to lunch without feeling bloated or sickly. The flavour was nice enough but it wasn't really caramel that I could taste, it was more like Golden Syrup which was rather disappointing but perhaps I was expecting too much, it was pretty unlikely that it was going to taste like dulce de leche but hey a girl can dream?
Overall it was a tasty breakfast that was a nice break from my regular vanilla overnight oats but it just doesn't taste like caramel. It was worth a try to satisfy my curiosity and abate my sweet tooth but not if you are looking for a phenomenal taste experience.

Rating - 5.5/10
Calories - 208
Vegan - No

Buy Again - Doubt it
Price - £1.00

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Garbanzo Bean Snacks

This week I was sent a package with three packs of delicious yet ever so healthy Garbanzo Beans. When I first heard about them I was intrigued as there doesn't seem to be anything else like this out at the moment in the UK and I wasn't really sure what garbanzo beans actually were but with a little research I found out that Garbanzo beans are just another name for chickpeas, I think that it is actually what the Americans call them.

Now onto the actual review, all of the flavours were absolutely delicious, they were crunchy, filling and very satisfying. The portion size is pretty huge at 65g which is even more impressive for the amount of calories in them, and it isn't as though they are lacking in flavour because even with a heavy cold I could experience the taste sensation that was inside each pack.
The Thai and the Bombay flavours were both quite spicy but not to the point that it is painful, and the Tomato and Herb flavour was quite rich in flavour, with a lovely hint of rosemary probably my favourite of all of them!
I look forward to all future products released in the Garbanzo bean range because they are absolutely deliciously nutritious and perfect for an afternoon snack or with lunch to replace crisps.

Calories - 88
Rating - 9/10
Buy Again - Yes!!!
Price - £1.25

Monday, 18 November 2013

Cinnamon Pringles

When I heard about these new cinnamon Pringles I was intrigued to say the very least, a sweet crisp, quite bizarre yet a good concept as sweet and savoury is becoming an ever increasing food trend
Upon opening the pack I was greeted with the slight smell of sweet cinnamon, I was ever so slightly nervous as I took my first bite as I didn't really have any idea what to expect.
The taste was nice although a little strange as the still had that signature potato Pringle taste to them. They actually reminded me of the cereal Cinnamon Graham's or are they called Curiously Cinnamon now, I'm not too sure but either way what I am trying to say is that they are nice enough and worth a try but they aren't a taste sensation that will leave you wanting more.

Rating - 6/10
Calories - 510 per 100g
Vegan - Yes
Buy Again - Possibly

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sweet n Salty PopChips

I love anything that is sweet and salty so I am really enjoying the current influx of these type of products.
These Popchips are simply delicious, they are light and crunchy, a perfect accompaniment with lunch! They are rather unique in the way that they are made as they are neither baked nor fried they are actually popped with air just like popcorn is  which makes these a tasty yet healthy snack in comparison to other crisps available.
They are available in a wide variety of flavours (although I have yet to actually find any others ) so there is a flavour to suit everyone
Overall I really enjoyed this tasty little snack and would highly recommend them !

Rating - 9/10
Calories - 128
Vegan - No

Sunday, 3 November 2013

YooMoo Devilmoo

The demand for frozen yogurt in the UK is starting to grow and quite rapidly too so I thought that it was my duty as a food lover and reviewer to sample some of the YooMoo frozen yogurt as they are a company that specialise in it.
Frozen yogurt is typically healthier than traditional ice cream due to there being less fat in it and if I'm honest you can tell. It isn't as creamy or smooth as regular ice cream and it is quite tart ( I personally quite like it being tart as I enjoy natural yogurt). The chocolate flavour is rather pleasant, not too sickly and not too sweet, the natural flavour is actually quite refreshing so makes a nice afternoon snack 
Overall I quite enjoyed it, it was a guilt free way to enjoy a bit of chocolate throughout the day, with its cute little chocolate stars and tiny pieces of. Fudge brownie in it.

Rating - 7/10
Buy Again - Probably
Vegan - No
Price - £1.00 ( on offer ) 
Calories - 162

Friday, 25 October 2013

Options Hot Chocolate and Quaker Oats

One of my absolute favourite breakfast treats is hot chocolate and porridge, in my opinion it is the perfect winter warmer, so I decided to sample the indulgent varieties of the Options range. Options are a diet hot chocolate brand that offer quite a wide range of products, today I decided to sample the chocolate cherry flavour and overall it is pretty good, it actually reminded me a bit of the Cherry Garcia Frozen Yogurt from Ben & Jerrys.
Unfortunately there was quite an artificial taste to it which I found to be a tad disappointing but then again considering that it is a diet drink with reduced calories I think that it was rather optimistic of me to hope for it to be rich and creamy tasting. So when I consider it on a diet drink level then it is quite good, it is sweet, chocolatey and fruity and makes a lovely addition to my breakfast of porridge.

Rating - 5.5/10
Buy Again - Maybe
Calories - 60

Now I shall review the porridge for you as I have been absolutely rubbish I not posted for a week (loads of school work at the moment urghh)
Now when my mum came home with this new porridge I was rather excited as I absolutely love porridge with its warm and comforting stodgy-ness!
It was the 'Heaps of Fruit' variety of the Quaker Oats. I think that it is the first of its kind to actually have large chunks of fruit in it and as a fruit lover I really enjoyed that.

Rating - 6/10
Buy Again - Possibly
Calories - 133

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Frank Bars

Now, last week I received this lovely package courtesy of the Frank bar company, and I am delighted to say, I loved them!
The flavours were so natural tasting, all of my friends were rather envious of my little treat and repeatedly asked me where they could get them from so I kindly directed them to the Frank website
The double chocolate was definitely my favourite, there was a thin layer of chocolate on top of the chewy, oaty base of the bar that also had a lovely chocolatey flavour to it, well actually it was more of a raw cocoa flavour which in my opinion is absolutely delicious and helps set this bar apart from the generic chocolate bars about
They are healthy with only natural ingredients and they are absolutely vegan friendly so anyone can enjoy this tasty little treat! It goes perfect with a cup of peppermint tea (ooh a minty variety of these would be amazing or perhaps a chocolate cherry ! ) 
I am getting a bit ahead of myself here oops... 
Now onto the fruity varieties, these were equally as lovely with there fresh raw flavours that are obviously all natural with no synthetic or artificial ingredients going into them which makes them completely and utterly guilt free! 

Score - 9.75/10
Buy Again - Yes
Vegan - Yes
Calories - 117-121

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Chocolate Nice Cream Wonka Bar

I was excited when I heard news of the brand new Willy Wonka chocolate bars and I knew instantly that I needed to try this tantalising new snack out right away! I decided that I was going to try the Very Nice Cream bar first. Upon opening the packaging which was in my opinion very lovely with its bright, vibrant purple foil- I was greeted by the alluring scent of chocolate, preparing to devour my bar I took a bite and...
It was thoroughly disappointing!  I could not taste the vanilla cream which looked so tantalising. It was completely overpowered by the chocolate sauce which in my opinion there was too much of and to make it even worse it was sickeningly sweet .
Overall the bar was not that great which is a such a massive let down as  they have so many fantastic unusual flavours. I only ended up eating half the bar as i gave up hope on the flavour improving. It was rather upsetting that such a potentially fantastic and original bar was executed so poorly.

Buy Again - No

Vegetarian - Yes (As far as I can tell )
Calories - 193
Rating - 3/10

Friday, 27 September 2013

Cadburys Popping Candy Freddo

Now, what is there not to love about a popping candy Freddo bar? It is good old cadburys chocolate that we all know and love with its delicious creamy flavour and it's perfect level of sweetness, and in the shape of a beloved and iconic character, Freddo the Frog!
But with a new edition of popping candy which in my opinion is a rather nice alternative to the caramel and plain flavour
The popping candy itself does not contribute to the flavour of my lovely little Freddo it is however still a nice addition to the Cadbury Christmas range and I look forward to finding and enjoying the rest of the Christmas goodies that will be released in the upcoming months

Rating 9/10
Calories - 95
Buy Again - Yes

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Now, I am a bit of a lover of all things sweet so when I was offered the opportunity to try out this brand new product I jumped at the chance. 
There is a lovely little back story that comes with them too! There is even a story behind these Nanobytes - some time ago, far far away in space, the sky was filled with edible planets drifting dangerously close to the stars. ‘Planet Nano’ collided with a star and exploded, filling space with lots and lots of little sweets, until Project-Nano astronauts (Nanonauts) were sent out to collect these rare, delicious sweets and bring them back to Earth for our enjoyment

They have a good range of flavours from the classic cola to the fruity strawberry to the deliciously sweet bubblegum
so there is a flavour for everyone, my favourite was definitely the strawberry but when I let my brother sample them he said that he preferred the cola so it is all down to personal preferences. 
The flavour as you will have guessed was rather sweet, they had  a crunchy outer coating with a soft chewy centre! Just one handful is enough to satisfy a craving for sugar!

Rating - 7.5/10 

I must state that all views stated are my own and my families but I did receive these as a free sample to review

Friday, 30 August 2013

Pineapple and Coconut Muller Corner Yogurt

Muller have been on a roll this year in regards to releasing new products to their range and I am really quite impressed with the flavour of the latest limited edition muller corner as it is a rather original in terms of yogurt combinations.
The flavour is smooth coconut and pineapple, now when I read this I initially thought that the yogurt part was going to be coconut flavour but it was actually just the regular vanilla flavour which although incredibly delicious and something I feel that they should sell on its own in pots , was a little disappointing but that is probably just me being picky.
The compote was sweet and had chunks of pineapple in which worked really well, the coconut added a more exotic and smooth feeling to it to prevent too much acidity from the pineapple 
Overall this was a tasty yogurt that can be enjoyed as an afternoon snack or anytime really as it is light and doesn't leave you feeling bloated or overly full.

Rating - 7/10
Calories - 188
Vegan - No
Price - £0.65

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Metcalfe's Cinnamon Skinny Topcorn

Cinnamon is generally quite an underused flavour here in England, which in my opinion is an absolute travesty as it is so incredibly delicious and versatile so when my mum came home with a pack of metcalfes skinny popcorn in cinnamon flavour I was so excited and couldn't wait to try this out !
There is a good distribution of cinnamon, which every piece of popcorn covered with a light dusting of it, it also added a lovely golden colour to the popcorn which looked lovely. Once again there were no unpopped pieces of corn in the bag so my teeth are still safe and in one piece!
There is a great texture that is to be expected from metcalfes not too crunchy like Butterkissed is but not too soft. 
The bag is pretty well filled with an even coating of cinnamon flavouring so that you get to enjoy the slightly sweet warmth that undeniably makes me think of Christmas despite it being sunny and warm outside not to mention there still being several months until it is Christmas!

Score - 9/10
Buy Again? -Definitely 
Calories - 117
Price £0.80
Vegan - No

Monday, 19 August 2013

Metcalfes Skinny Topcorn Sweet n Salt

Popcorn is such a versatile snack, you can have it sweet, you can have it savoury or you can even have it sweet and salty. I flavour combination I truly do love! So as you may have guessed I really like this Metcalfe's Skinny Topcorn! The popcorn itself is rather healthy and retained a softness yet slight crispness that you would expect from a perfectly popped corn kernel.
There were no unpopped kernels in my packet which is a lovely change from when you got to the cinema and nearly break your teeth! 
The flavour was perfectly balanced with the sweet and salty so that you could enjoy the best of both worlds! Overall I totally love this and look forward to trying some of the other deliciously unique flavours that are available!

Score - 9/10
Buy Again? -Definitely 
Calories - 116
Price £0.80
Vegan - Yes as far as I can tell 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Lindt Hello Strawberry Cheesecake

Wow, just wow. This is so incredibly delicious and unique. The milk chocolate coating is creamy and obviously of a high quality that works very well with the slightly tangy strawberry cream cheese filling. It really does embody a luxury strawberry cheesecake ( I personally find it even better than an actual cheesecake as this involves chocolate haha).
I am not normally the biggest fan of Lindt chocolate and would typically opt for a bar of Galaxy or Cadburys instead but I am so glad that I tried this bar and cannot wait to try the other varieties too!
The bar is a good size that leaves you feeling satisfied but not overly full. I rather liked the long shape, it was different from other single serve chocolate bars and the shape made it easy to break off the pieces bit by bit.

Score - 9/10
Buy Again - Yes!
Calories - 215
Vegetarian - Yes as far as I can tell
Price - £0.75

Friday, 9 August 2013

Necco Sky Bar

I have wanted to try this for ages so I was made up when my mum came home with a surprise selection of American goodies. 
The idea behind this bar is rather unique with four different flavours in one single bar, this solves the dilemma of not knowing what flavour chocolate I want!
The chocolate itself isn't the best quality but is pleasant enough with a slightly salty tone to it that works well with the sweet fillings. My favourite flavour was the caramel which in my opinion tasted a little peanutty or perhaps it was a salty taste but either way it was rather tasty. The vanilla cream was a little disappointing because there wasn't really any flavour to it other than sugary sweetness, the peanut filling was also really nice with a strong nutty flavour that worked really well and finally there was the fudge flavour which was a little reminiscent of the vanilla flavour, no real definable taste other than sugary sweetness.
Overall I quite enjoyed this bar but there are many improvements that could be improved with this bar. 

Score - 6/10
Buy Again - No
Calories - 200
Vegetarian - Yes as far as I can tell
Price - £2.00

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Perk!er Porridge Pots

This week I received a wonderful parcel from the lovely Ann Perkins, the co founder of Perk!er, with lots of yummy porridges to try. I am a massive fan of porridge so when I discovered Perk!ier, a gluten free alternative I was intrigued to say the least. The brand offers a wide range of products that are all gluten free, mostly vegan and all vegetarian!

I decided this morning to try the cute little porridge pot that you simply add water to,upon removing the lid I was greeted by a lovely fragrant  smell of cinnamon with slight undertones of apple. The smell became even stronger and more enticing once I added the hot water. You have to leave it for two minutes to thicken up. Now, onto the actual taste of the porridge, it had a really traditional taste to it, thick chewy oats, fresh plump raisins and big crunchy chunks of apple. It has to be one of the best porridge pots that I have ever tried as it was free of any artificial tastes and I knew that it was all good stuff in it. 

I cannot wait for tomorrow morning to try the berry variety! 

Score - 8.5/10
Vegan - No
Calories - 233
Buy Again - Yes!
Price - £2.00


I tried the berry variety this morning, it was somehow even better than the apple,cinnamon & raisin flavour. something I thought not to be possible! It was sweeter than the apple, but in a good, natural way that reassured you that this was not only delicious but a great source of sustainable energy that will get you all the way through until lunch. It left me feeling full but not boated until lunch which is always a winner in my books. There was a good ratio of fruit to oats so you got a piece almost every spoonful. It was quick to make and really thick (depending upon how much water you use). Overall I feel that these products are a delicious product that allow you to truly appreciate the flavour of the oats rather than the synthetic and a little artificial taste of most other porridge products. 

Score - 9.5/10
Vegan - No
Calories - 234
Buy Again - Yes!
Price - £2.00

(Although I did receive these products for free from Perk!er, all views are my own and totally unbiased)

Friday, 26 July 2013

Total Raspberry and Pomegranite Split Pot

Upon my initial tasting of the fruity compote I thought that it was far too sweet to be enjoyable, that was until I decided to be brave and do something totally unlike me and mix the compote with the actual yogurt ! As a general rule I don't allow my food to touch or mix together so believe me when I say that this combination must be good for me to do it.
By doing this simple act an undeniable taste sensation occurred in the pot. It was thick, creamy, flavoursome and basically delicious! The flavour of the raspberry is dominant in the compote compared to the rather muted flavour of the pomegranate. Now I do realise that the price of this yogurt is a tad pricey in comparison to other yogurts, but you honestly get what you pay for with the high quality authentic Greek yogurt, and not simply the Greek style yogurt that is more widely available in supermarkets which in my opinion don't even come close in comparison (gosh that sounds dreadfully snobby when I read that last sentence back so I do apologise).

Score - 9.5/10
Vegan - No
Calories - 145
Buy Again - Yes!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Limited Edition Millionaire's Shortbread Muller Corner

I was quite excited when I found out that the new millionaires shortbread muller corner was suitable for vegetarians as the last limited edition that they brought out sadly was not (the orange one) 
In my head I had envisaged caramel yogurt with an actual layer of caramel, this perhaps was my downfall as I had bigged up this product in my head to be this magical taste sensation so you can imagine my disappointment when I found out that it was actually just the basic caramel yogurt which tasty as it was, just didn't live up to my expectations, so now I move onto the biscuits in the little side section, the plain ones had very little taste to them and only really added a crunchy texture, they could have done with perhaps a little salt to try and bring out the sweetness of the other components. The chocolate coated biscuits were rather lovely and added a good amount of flavour despite them being quite limited.
Overall it was a nice enough yogurt but I don't really think that it was as inspiring or interesting as it could have been. 

Score - 4/10
Vegan - No
Calories - 196
Buy Again - I honestly doubt it

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Apple and Cinnamon Chobani

With the creaminess that you would expect from a full fat yogurt I could not help but love this brand new flavour of chobani yogurt and I hadn't even gotten to the best part, the delicious apple and cinnamon compote hidden away at the bottom, 

The best way to describe this flavour is like a luxury home made apple pie, the cinnamon adds a lovely taste that gives the compote a pastry feel to it, as though you are eating an actual apple pie and not just the filling that I initially expected.
This is a must for all apple pie lovers who are conscious of what they put into their body as the ingredients are natural, this is further instilled with the new and minimalist packaging which I absolutely love! Overall a great product and this has to be my absolute favourite chobani flavour yet and I look foreword to all future flavours that are brought out here in the UK.

Score - 9.75
Vegan - No
Calories - 140
Buy Again - Definitely!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Cadbury Crispello Vanilla Velvet

I saw this in Tesco whilst on my weekly mooch around the shops and was instantly drawn in by the lovely, shiny-purple wrapper. I am a massive fan of the original flavour of the Cadbury Crispello, so you can imagine my utter delight!
The Cadbury Crispello is predominantly targeted at the diet conscious woman as they are supposed to be eaten in three separate serving, I however found these to be far too moreish to resist and ate them all in one go. 
The chocolate coating was the good quality Cadburys milk chocolate flavour that we all know and love, the coating of the chocolate itself was relatively thin, but this is not a criticism at all from me because it allowed the taste of the creamy vanilla filling to take centre stage. 
The wafer part was crispy and held its shape well so as to keep crumbs to a minimum, they were light to eat and worked well as a treat to have along side my lunch.
Overall I really enjoyed this flavour variety more than the original which its creamier vanilla taste, I feel that there is a lot of potential for this product in terms of filling, for example a caramel, hazelnut or even a fruity variety!

Vegan - No
Calories - 55 (per bite)
Buy Again - Deffinitely!
Price - 60p
Score - 9.5

Monday, 1 July 2013

Linda McCartney Cottage Pie

This is a really delicious cottage pie, that in my opinion is quite unique in comparison to both meat and non meat varieties as the mash topping is sweet potato rather than the traditional white potato that can sometimes be a tad bland if not seasoned well.
The sweet potato added a lovely sweetness (a little obvious but still very true) and was creamy, smooth and  really helped to enhance and balance the earthy flavours of the lentils that were soft yet still retained a bite to them. The cottage pie itself was a good size that is perfect either by itself for lunch or with a side of beans for dinner. Overall I thought that this was a flavoursome cottage pie that can be enjoyed by both veggies and meat eaters.

Vegan - No
Calories - 374
Buy Again - Yes
Price - £2.60
Score - 8.5

Monday, 24 June 2013

Japanese Ramen Innocent Noodle Pot

So I was feeling brave and decided to try the Miso Ramen flavoured Innocent pot today for my lunch and was immediately relieved upon opening it to be greeted by the lovely aroma of wild mushrooms and miso.
As with the other flavours of the noodle pots the vegetables retained both their flavour, texture and colour upon cooking which I always find to be a good thing as sometimes when you microwave vegetable things especially in a sauce they can go a bit well limp and lifeless tbh.
Anyway I shall continue on, the sauce itself brought a very mild warmth with it that even the most avid spice hater would thoroughly be able to enjoy and appreciate. The edamame beans add a lovely burst of colour to the pot along with a nice crunchy texture. The noodles were really thick and I think that I actually preferred them to the thinner noodles that were in the Tom Yum pot. Overall I really enjoyed this product as it was perfect for a light yet filling lunch!

Vegan - Yes
Calories - 197
Buy Again - Yes
Price - £3.90
Score - 7.5

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Quorn Lemon and Black Pepper Escalope

Quorn has such a fantastic range of products and sometimes it is overwhelming (in a very good way of course!), since the weather has finally started to brighten up I was craving something that was light but full of flavour to go with my Jersey Royal Potatoes and salad, I believe that I have found the perfect product in the form of a Quorn Escalope!
The lemon flavour is mild, adding a pleasant zing that worked well against the slight heat that the black pepper brings. the crispy bread crumb coating is absolutely delicious adding a crunchy texture along with all of the flavour.
The price is very reasonable for two delicious escalopes, especially when you compare it to the price of a good quality meat equivalent.
Overall this was a tasty product that could easily be enjoyed by both meat eaters and veggies!

Vegan - No
Calories - 256
Buy Again - Definitely
Price - £2.50
Score - 7.5

Monday, 17 June 2013

Blueberry Chobani

I am a massive fan of Greek or strained yogurt because of how thick and creamy it is making it feel like a bit of guilt free indulgence! So when I heard that Chobani were launching a brand new flavour I was very excited, even more so when I discovered that it was blueberry, a flavour I feel is often overlooked for other more popular fruits like strawberry and raspberry (not that I don't love either fruit).
The packaging design has changed from when I last bought this brand and I must say I think that I prefer the new design it is clean looking and just has more visual appeal, anyway onto the actual review now.
Upon my first scoop I instantly knew that I was going to enjoy this deliciously thick yogurt that is typical of a high quality brand like Chobani. As I delved deeper into the 170g pot I found the blueberry compote on the bottom and as I suspected it was a perfect accompaniment to the slightly tart flavour of the yogurt. It had an authentic fruity taste that I found to be far more enjoyable than the Danio version which I found to be a tad sweet for my tastes, my mother however much preferred the Danio version so I suppose it is all down to your personal taste.

Vegan - No
Calories - 131
Buy Again - Definitely
Price - £0.89
Score - 9

Friday, 14 June 2013

Innocent Tom Yum Noodle Pot

Whilst mooching around Tesco hunting for something for my dinner, I noticed that Innocent had launched a brand new range of noodle pots, they all appear to be Asian themed as far as I can tell what with the takeaway style packaging (which I think is really creative and eye catching!). Due to them being new they were only £2.90 on an introductory offer, which isn't too bad when you would pay around £3.00 for a sandwich.
Today for my lunch I decided to sample the Tom Yum flavour which is described as 'Rice noodles with red peppers in a fragrant hot and sour sauce'. The vegetables were fresh and crunchy which worked very well against the soft rice noodles. I really enjoyed both the noodle and vegetable element but the sauce was just too spicy for me. I know, I know, Tom Yum is supposed to be spicy, it is even mentioned in the description! But I naively thought that it was just an exaggeration made by Innocent to draw more customers in, I was very very wrong... 
On initial tasting I found that the sauce added a lovely warmth with tomato undertones, but this quickly escalated into an unpleasant burning that prevented me from being able to taste any of the other flavours. That being said anybody who enjoys a little bit of spice would probably love this product but it just isn't for me with my ever so delicate palate haha!
However, I have not been put off trying more products from this new range as I look forward to trying the much milder sounding Japanese Ramen flavour!

Vegan - Yes
Calories - 239
Buy Again - I Doubt It
Price - £3.90
Score - 5

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Taifun Pizza Tofu

I have tried several flavours in the Taifun range and I think that this is by far my favourite.
The flavour that is most potent is the tomato - oregano which is absolutely delicious! It reminded me of the base sauce of an expensive and authentic Italian pizza, far from the cheap, sugar laden sauces that make up many generic shop bought pizzas.
For people who are expecting the entire pizza experience will probably be a little disappointed as it is totally devoid of any cheese flavour -which in my opinion is brilliant as I absolutely hate cheese! - but if you are looking for a tasty and healthy alternative to pizza then this is perfect.
It is a little more expensive than other vegetarian brands such as Quorn or Linda MaCartney but I honestly cannot deny the quality and uniqueness of this product. The only complaint that I have about it is that it was a little salty, but this didn't really detract from the overall delicious flavour.

Vegan - Yes
Calories - 163 per fillet
Buy Again - Definitely
Price - £2.79
Score - 8.5

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